San Diego Cop Accused of Sexual Assault Resigns before Facing Discipline

Donald Moncrief

Keith Palmer

This cop was never charged with a crime despite allegations that he sexually assaulted a female in his patrol car

Newly released documents from a internal affairs investigation show how San Diego police officer Donald Moncrief was accused of sexually assaulting a female arrestee inside of his patrol car. The incident was investigated but no criminal charges were ever brought against Moncrief.

The new documents were released on August 10 under a newly mandated California state law that requires law enforcement agencies to make confidential information public about internal investigations and officer discipline.

In 2014, a woman alleged that Moncrief made unwanted sexual comments, kissed her, touched her breasts, and then exposed himself while he was taking her to jail in February 2013. The woman was being arrested on suspicion of driving a stolen truck, according to NBC San Diego.

Monocrief allegedly made the sexual advances in his patrol vehicle while he was driving the woman to the Las Colinas Women’s Jail in Santee, California.

The woman claimed Moncrief told her to masturbate while he also masturbated during their drive. She also said he asked for sex. Investigators found semen in the front of the car by the driver's seat and in the back seat.

Moncrief said he drove a direct route and did not stop on the way to the jail. But tracking of his squad car showed he stopped multiple times during the trip.

Moncrief claimed that in the days and weeks that followed, he did not call the woman at all. But telephone records show he called or texted her 26 times.

In April 2015, the San Diego City Council agreed to pay $250,000 to the woman.

The District Attorney's office declined to file charges against Moncrief because investigators had insufficient evidence.

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Diana A
Diana A

Freaking coward-he's as bad as the people he's arrested.

No. 1-3

Insufficient Evidence. Another catchphrase of law enforcement when they really do not want to prosecute someone. Like a cop or politician. Such bull. At least he was fired.


I guess I will have to remember this. If I ever get suspected of sexual assault, specifically if I have done it, all I need to do is quit my job. Sarcasm, off.

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