Security Guards Caught on Video Beating Football Fans in Texas

Joshua Brown

Security Guards Caught on Video Beating Football Fans in Texas

A security guard brutally punched a University of Houston fan on Saturday as other guards shoved and tackled other students.

The Contemporary Services Corporation security guard was caught on video assaulting a University of Houston fan running onto the field in video released Saturday. The game was played at TDECU stadium in Houston.

The University of Houston won the American Athletic Conference championship against the Temple Owls. After the victory multiple fans rushed the field in jubilant celebration; knowing that UH was headed to a major bowl game.

Rushing the field after a major victory is a time-honored tradition in college football and the security guards were told not to stop fans.

But a video caught a security guard violently punching a fan near the end zone as reported by SB Nation.

The fan was on the ground and attempted to get up, but the security guard punched the fan several times knocking him back down to the ground.

Several security guards saw the assault take place, but failed to break it up. Although one guard did help the victim to his feet.

Robert Loredo sustained a busted lip after he was punched and kicked by one of the security guards. Loredo said the following concerning the assault,

“I’m a really nice guy, I have a big heart, and for that to just happen and be kicked around like a rag-doll that really upset me.”

University of Houston Vice President for Athletics Hunter Yurachek released a statement saying:

“After viewing initial videos of today’s postgame activity, I am extremely disappointed and angered with the actions taken by individuals employed by our security contractor CSC. We are working with the University of Houston police to review today’s activities and will take swift and appropriate action including the termination of our current contract with CSC and any legal action deemed necessary.”

Contemporary Services Corporation’s Chief Operating Officer Devan Schulz said the following:

“The company is aware of the videos and is investigating the actions of the security personnel. Training is provided to CSC employees for responding to such situations. Any actions by CSC personnel that contradict our training, CSC’s other requirements, or the law, are not condoned by CSC and will not be tolerated.”

Earlier today, the University of Houston said it would terminate its contract with CSC, according to NYSE Post. And Loredo said he is considering filing a lawsuit.


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