SF Cops Arrest Man for Jaywalking in Retaliation for Asking for Badge#

Carlos Miller

San Francisco Cops Arrest Man for Jaywalking in Retaliation for Asking for Name and Badge Number

San Francisco police arrested a man for jaywalking after he stepped into the street in an attempt to ask a cop for his name and badge number, who happened to be standing further into the street.

It was clearly an act of retaliation, an aggressive, spiteful one at that, to send a message that citizens better not dare ask them for their names and badge numbers.

And it was hardly jaywalking considering the California Vehicle Code states that “pedestrians shall not cross the roadway at any place except in a crosswalk.”

But Pete Eyre of Cop Block was not crossing the roadway and never made any indication that he intended to cross the intersection.

In fact, he did not even step beyond the parking lane on the side of the street as you will see on the video (be sure to watch the whole video to hear their vulgar, boasting, retaliatory comments after they thought they were no longer being recorded).

“He’s an anarchist, fuck him…Once he stepped off the curb, we jacked him,” Habib can be heard saying.

All he wanted was for San Francisco police officer Hamdy G Habib, badge number 2329, to state his name and badge number for documentation purposes after he had recorded a group of cops frisking a man on the sidewalk.

But Habib wanted to teach him a lesson. But it was a lesson that Eyre was already familiar with. A lesson we’re all familiar with.

That cops believe they are above the law.

Call the San Francisco Police Mission Street Facility at 415-558-5400.


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