Shocking, disgusting & infuriating video shows Ohio sheriff’s deputies

Carlos Miller

Do you want to know why many law-abiding citizens hate cops?

Do you want to know why many law-abiding citizens fear cops?

Do you want to know why many law-abiding citizens view cops as freedom-stomping, rights-squashing rogue extensions of the government?

Just take a look at this video where a handcuffed Ohio woman, who was charged with “disorderly conduct” and “resisting arrest,” had her clothes ripped off by a gang of male and female deputies from the Stark County Sheriff’s Department.

Hope Steffey was left in her cell naked for six hours for “her own safety”.

She had to wrap herself in toilet paper to conceal her nakedness.

Her husband, Greg Steffey, said his wife felt as if she had been “raped without penetration”.

Deputy Richard Gurlea arrested Hope Steffey even though she was the victim in an assault incident.

Male deputies are forbidden to strip search female inmates, according to Stark County Sheriff’s departmental policy.

Stark County Sheriff Timothy Swanson denies his deputies did anything wrong.

The Steffeys are suing the Stark County Sheriff’s Department for violating her 4th, 8th and 14th Amendment rights.

A look at that video will show you those deputies deserve more than a civil lawsuit.

They deserve to be thrown in a prison cell and stripped naked by fellow inmates.

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These cops need to be stripped of there badge and thrown in prison if they can do this in a jail cell imagine what they do at home to there children and or spouses they are a threat to the community remember there is no war on cops yet just a relentless assault on us the people of this country waged by a para military force under the guise of peace officers

Cops Gone Rogue