Slain Houston Deputy’s Mistress had Affair with Additional Two

Carlos Miller

UPDATE: The name of the mistress is Laura Rezk, according to Courthouse News Service.

Her name has also been circulated around the internet since September when prosecutors filed a Brady Disclosure,identifying her as Laura Rezk.

Perhaps at the time, considering the circumstances of the slain deputy, it was not a priority to publish her name, but now that she is accused of having affairs with four deputies – not to mention the prime witness of Goforth’s murder – it is now very relevant.

The Brady Disclosure document also indicates that deputies tried to protect Rezk’s identity from prosecutors, even though she was the main witness because that proving that Goforth was actually at the gas station to see his mistress rather than filling up his gas tank would mean he was not in the “lawful discharge of an official duty” when he was shot and killed, which would downgrade a charge of capital murder to murder, the former carrying the death penalty.

Shannon Miles, the suspect, has since been ruled mentally incompetent to stand trial.

A commenter on the site, The Dirty, posted the following photos of a woman the commenter claims to be Rezk.

Her name was also published by local media a few months ago, only for them to remove the name without explanation.

The woman who was having an affair with the Harris County sheriff’s deputy who was shot and killed in a gas station last year, only to have an affair with the deputy investigating that shooting – also had an affair with a third deputy and possibly a fourth deputy from the same department.

But her name has not been released, even though it is obviously well-known among the deputies at the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

She was the woman that witnessed the shooting death of Deputy Darren Goforth as he fueling his patrol car in a gas station in August, a married man with whom she had a 15-month affair.

She then fell into a sexual relationship with Sergeant Craig Clopton, who began investigating that murder, resulting in Clopton getting fired in October.

And now we’re learning she had a sexual relationship with Harris County sheriff’s deputy Marc DeLeon, who responded to the shooting death of Goforth.

That was an ongoing relationship that began before Goforth’s murder and continued after his murder. DeLeon was fired Wednesday for lying about the affair, according to KHOU.

Now there’s a fourth deputy under investigation who apparently also fell under her sexual charm as some point either before or after the murder, but his name has not been released.

According to ABC 13:

Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman says the third officer is still on the job as the latest internal affairs investigation continues, but he anticipates some kind of disciplinary action will be taken against that employee, too.
“This seems to be a never-ending cycle of conduct that’s embarrassing to every professional peace officer,” Hickman said. “We’ll continue doing what we’re doing: to make sure that we point out and respond to allegations of improper conduct, that we respond correctly and proportionately and that we do what we can to make sure that our agency has the public’s trust that those issues will be rooted out and handled.”

Meanwhile, Shannon Miles, the man accused of killing Goforth – and who has not been implicated in a sexual scandal with the woman – has been deemed mentally incompetent to stand trial.

According to KPRC Houston:

The man accused of killing Deputy Darren Goforth has been found incompetent to stand trial. Shannon Miles will be sent to a state mental hospital.
“According to one of the reports, he’s aware of the fact that he’s charged with capital murder but it doesn’t resonate. In other words, he doesn’t fully grasp or understand how severe that is,” said Miles’ attorney Anthony Osso.
A psychological evaluation was completed and the results were handed to a judge on Monday. State experts agreed that Miles was mentally unstable. The state hospital is at maximum capacity, so Miles will have to wait until there is a vacant space.
“It’s one of our cornerstones and fundamentals of our criminal justice system for someone to understand the charges against them and to understand what’s happening in the courtroom,” prosecutor Marcy McCorvey said.

After Goforth’s murder on August 28, Sheriff Hickman took to the media and blamed the Black Lives Matter movement on the shooting, prompting commenters to label them a “domestic terrorist group” and blame Obama for angering black people to kill cops.

But Hickman did not mention the “woman in dressy clothing crying over the deputy’s body” who told witnesses Goforth was her “best friend.”

Goforth’s wife, Kathleen, also referred to him as her best friend in the days after the shooting.

Adding to the chaos and confusion, the initial judge assigned to the murder case recused herself last October, seven days after the news of the second sex scandal broke. After she had already determined Miles was competent to stand trial.

Judge Denise Collins did not explain why she recused herself nor was she required to do so, but she is normally very outspoken and was accused in 2014 of unlawfully detaining a criminal defense attorney as she tried to speak with her client.

By her recusing herself and by the court later determining Miles was incompetent to stand trial, they can ensure that all the embarrassing details regarding this woman and the married deputies she shagged will never see the light of day.

If anybody wants to leak her name and photo to PINAC, please send an email to We’ll guarantee your anonymity.


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