South Carolina Officer that Left K9 to Die in Car Gets Suspended

Nathan Dimoff

A South Carolina officer ends up killing his k9 partner and gets suspended for less than a week.

A master police officer with the Columbia Police Department was suspended for leaving his K9 partner in his patrol car for more than 6 hours leading to the dog's death.

Chief Skip Holbrook held a press conference Friday to discuss the investigation into the K9, Turbo, death in July.

Master Police Officer David Hurt is currently suspended for five days without pay for the dog's death because he violated departmental policy.

However, he will not face criminal charges, even after internal affairs turned its paperwork over to prosecutors.

Prosecutors said Hurt used terrible judgment but wasn't criminally negligent, according to Yahoo News.

Halbrook said he did not fire Hurt since he reported the death right away. But he will not be allowed to work with k9s in the future.

Though Officer Hurt left the air conditioning on, he turned off the heat alarm and left the windows of his patrol car open on July 26.

Hurt also did not come to the patrol car to let the K9 out to use the restroom Holbrook said.

Hurt had the 22-month-old explosive-sniffing dog for 7 months.

Holbrook states that Hurt did not give any logical reason to keep the dog in the car.

Hurt left the dog in the car while attending active shooter training at a high school. Hurt was not the only officer that left a K9 partner, but he is the only one that did not check on the K9 frequently, including for bathroom breaks.

When he finally returned to the car, the dog was foaming at the mouth. The K9 was put down two days later for organ failure.

The temperature that day reached 94 degrees, according to National Weather Service

In the conference, Halbrook states in training and medical bills the department spent about $25,000 into Turbo.

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what they didnt say was it was the cops 3rd dog he has killed and those dogs are we the peoples so dont say its ok to murder a fellow officer


In the same month heres a third citizen charged with a felony for leaving a dog to die in a car. Im not saying these people should not be charged. Im saying the officer, at a MINIMUM, needs to be charge the same felony, and preferably additional charges for dereliction of duty. Officers are supposed to be held to a heigher standard, now a lower one. Citizens should make this complaint to the criminal officers superiors ASAP, and demand equal treatment under the law.


Heres another citizen that only caused the death of her own dog, not government property, and yet was charged with a felony. THIS is why people dont trust PDs that investigate their own officers. These investigations should always be done by an outside agency with no conflicts of interest.


Any other citizen would have been arrested for Animal Cruelty Charges! Douche Bag Officer is a Public Safety Threat and should never be a cop anymore and I fault the Chief for not firing him and getting his peace officer certification revoked!

Cops Gone Rogue