South Florida Cop Sued for Ordering Minor to Strip while he Fondled himself

Jesus "Jesse" Menocal Jr./Menocal International Training

Carlos Miller

Hialeah police officer Jesus "Jesse" Menocal was never investigated by the Miami-Dade County State Attorney's Office.

Hialeah police officer Jesus "Jesse" Menocal Jr. was convinced the 17-year-old lesbian girl he had pulled over and transported to a substation where he snuck her in through a backdoor into a room with no cameras wanted to have sex with him.

Or as he told her, "I thought you wanted to fuck me."

But Maley Dacosta was not at all interested in having sex with the cop as she stripped to her bra and underwear following his orders under duress, turning around to allow him to check out her rear as he fondled himself through his pants as he asked her questions about how she has sex with her girlfriend.

Dacosta told him she was on her period which was when he allowed her to put her clothes back on and leave, according to a lawsuit she filed against the cop and police department in June.

Menocal told her not to tell anybody what had happened or he would tell her mother she had a run-in with police.

It all started on June 14, 2015 when Dacosta was pulled over for making an illegal-turn while driving with her girlfriend. He then falsely detained her and transported her to the substation where he led her through a backdoor into an empty room with no camera.

Local media broke the story two days after the incident, interviewing her but keeping her name anonymous. PINAC also picked up the story.

Hialeah police wasted no time in telling local media that Menocal had been suspended.

But that turned out to be a lie as the Miami New Times reported in 2017.

Instead, Menocal was allowed to supervise cadets at the police academy for a brief period of time before returning to patrol duty where he is believed to have sexually assaulted more women, according to the lawsuit.

The Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office never investigated the allegations which is not surprising considering it has a long history of protecting dirty cops.

Hialeah police officer Carl Zogby told the Miami New Times in 2017 that any documentation related to the internal affairs investigation cannot be released because "the IA case is not closed."

But in all likelihood, the internal affairs investigation was never opened.

Menocal is the son of a retired police chief who was applying to become a Miami police officer in the 1980s when he was implicated in a cocaine heist along with his twin brother, Ignacio, who was a police officer.

The allegations resurfaced in 2013 when Menocal Sr. was named police chief of the Sweetwater Police Department in Miami-Dade County, a position he had previously held. Menocal took over the department that year after an FBI investigation into several officers led to the retirement of the previous chief.

In a taped conversation with a police informant posing as a drug trafficker, Menocal and his brother discussed plans to steal cocaine from people who had purchased it from the dealer under the guise of a drug stop. The plan was to return the cocaine to the dealer for $10,000 where he would then resell it. At the time, cocaine was going for about $30,000 a kilo.

The cops never went through with the plan, according to an investigation by the Miami Police Department at the time and Menocal went on to be hired at the Sweetwater Police Department where he eventually became police chief.

The Menocal family now run a firearms training school called Menocal International Training. Check out the video below on Menocal Jr.

Although Menocal Jr. was not suspended after the allegations arose in 2015, he was placed on desk duty this summer after the lawsuit was filed against him where he is not allowed to carry a badge or gun or interact with the public.

Read the lawsuit here.

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