South Florida Cops Pull Man Out of Car and Break his Leg after he Curses at them

Carlos Miller

Charges of aggravated assault on an officer were dismissed against the man because of this video.

The police thuggery is in full effect is this disturbing video showing a pair of South Florida cops pull a man out of his car and break his leg because he had cursed at them.

So far, the two Doral police officers are still on the beat but they are supposedly under investigation.

But only because the victim, Craig Nembhard, has filed a lawsuit over the incident which took place in May outside a Shell gas station where police were conducting some type of checkpoint.

It does not take a lengthy investigation to determine that Doral police officer Travis Cooper is a walking timebomb, a cop who won't hesitate to destroy a man's life over some profane words.

His partner whose name has not been released is just as bad.

"Someone's about to get stomped on," the second thug cop says when Nembhard continues to exchange words with Cooper as he drives away in his car.

Moments later, Nembhard returns in his car, looking for an open pump to fill his car with gas.

The video shows he was probably not driving faster than 5 mph and there was no indication – other than in the cop's demented mind – he wanted to hurt Cooper.

But that, of course, did not stop the thug cop from pulling out his gun and pointing it at him.

"You pull up on me, boy?" he asks.

The second thug cop pulls out his gun and was ready to kill Nembhard.

"Get the fuck out of the car," Cooper said pulling the man out and tossing him on the hard asphalt.

Craig Nembhard screams out in pain as his femur fractures in half.

According to the Miami Herald:

In the report, Thomas said that Nembhard “directed his vehicle towards officer Cooper, which created a well-founded fear that defendant, who was agitated and angry, was about to thrust his vehicle at officer Cooper. Officer Cooper, in fear for his life, unholstered his duty weapon and pointed it at the defendant while simultaneously stepping out of the direct path of he vehicle, which was driving directly towards him.”

The video shows Cooper calmly stepping to the side of Nembhard’s barely moving car and quickly pulling his gun. Nembhard was arrested and charged with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest without violence. After reviewing the evidence, state prosecutors decided against moving forward with the charges. The state said it couldn’t prove the case “beyond a reasonable doubt” and that Cooper was made aware of the decision.

Still, Cooper maintains the support of his union, the Miami-Dade branch of the Police Benevolent Association. President Steadman Stahl said from the “limited” video he’s seen, the officer acted properly and that two officers actually drew their weapons.

“He leaves and comes around and the officers are in fear he’s coming back at them in an aggressive manner,” said Stahl. “This is something we’re seeing across the country. You need to comply and complain later. He could have argued later that this should have been handled differently.”

As usual, thugs will defend thugs. That's just how the Blue Mafia rolls.

The video above has been shortened to highlight the incident, the video below is much longer.


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Sorry..he went looking for trouble & he found it. I see it from different perspective. Thank God black on black or would be altogether different. Comply now & complain later.


these two fuck holes need to be charged and put in prison for OUR SAFETY!


Unfortunately we wont see any protests over this cause it appears to be a Black on Black crime. And you know that doesnt fir into any of the Liberal Protesters playbook. Several of these cops should have been IMMEDIETLY Suspended without Pay and then if they are later cleared can get back pay. But several of them should be under Indictment because of them being Bullies with Badges and we dont need them anywhere in Law Enforcement.



Bill Vapes
Bill Vapes

More shitty cops costing a city thousands or millions of dollars

Fascist Slayer
Fascist Slayer

So, is the black cop a racist??? BTW, I found a video of Americunt getting Amerifucked. Happy Halloween Americunt, you bloody fucking cunt.


every one of those cops part of that arrest should be retired 20+ years right into prison.

Cops Gone Rogue