South Florida Police Release Video of Deputy Shooting Ex-Girlfriend

Carlos Miller

They dated for five months before she broke it off, claiming the deputy was too racist and controlling for her taste.

But Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy Michael DeMarco ended up shooting her three times before turning the gun on himself.

Now police have released surveillance video footage of the moments leading up to her shooting on October 12.

DeMarco, 55, was on duty and in uniform when he pulled up in his unmarked patrol car and stepped out to confront Yuly Solano, 41, who was walking her dog inside the condo complex where they both lived.

“You treat me worse than a dog,” DeMarco told her before shooting her three times and turning the gun on himself, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Despite being shot twice in the chest and once in the arm, Solano survived the attack, although she is still recovering at a hospital.

The video released by Boynton Beach police on Friday does not include the actual shooting, but police say they did not edit the video, that the camera just happened to stop recording during the shooting.

The two had met in May 2017 at the Inlet Harbor Club condominium complex where they both lived. Solano’s daughter, Aryana Baluja, 18, said DeMarco was a nice guy in the beginning.

But then he began to reveal his racist side as well as his controlling side, expressing anger when his Peruvian girlfriend would speak Spanish to her family on the phone, thinking she was talking bad about him.

Solano said she broke up with DeMarco in September but he didn’t take it too well, calling and emailing her continuously to the point where she had to block his number from calling her,

She complained to the condo board about DeMarco as well as to Robert Rozzero, the condo’s maintenance man who witnessed the shooting.

According to the Palm Beach Post:

In the report, Rozzero told police Solano had told him DeMarco “had been harassing her by constantly calling her cellphone and sending e-mails in the early morning hours. The phone calls were to a point that she had to block his phone.”

He said after the pair broke up, Solano asked him not to give DeMarco a key to her apartment if he asked. She told Rozzero she might have to get a restraining order.

Homeowners association officer Riley Cooney told police Solano had told him DeMarco “was crazy.” Cooney said he never saw the two argue in public.

A report said a detective checked Solano’s phone and found “it appears that text messages from DeMarco had been erased,” except for a few screen shots of a conversation. The phone did show a text message from DeMarco’s brother, Frank Dunkow, asking “what went wrong” between the two. Dunkow, 52, was arrested on federal fraud charges Oct. 12, the same day as the shooting.

Solano’s lawyers say they plan to sue the condo association because they were required to notify police of her fears and complaints about DeMarco, which they never did.

Her daughter has set up a Go Fund Me account to help raise money for Solano’s recovery. As of this writing, she has raised $3,355. Her goal is to raise $20,000.

Watch the video below.


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