Southern CA Deputy Threatens to “Create Something” to Arrest Man

Carlos Miller

WATCH: Southern California Deputy Threatens to “Create Something” to Arrest Man Filing Complaint Against Him

A Southern California sheriff’s deputy who threatened to arrest a man for attempting to file a complaint against him was simply having “a bad day,” his supervisors said.

San Bernardino County deputy Michael Bradbury did not have any actual grounds to arrest Duncan Hicks inside the sheriff’s station in Victorville on January 20.

But he figured he would make that part up. Or as he described it, “create something.”

That, of course, is nothing new. Cops create stories all the time to justify their arrests. Especially in contempt-of-cop situations as was the case here.

But it’s rare for them to openly admit it on camera as Bradbury did.

“You know what, man? I’m about getting tired of you and you’re about to go to jail,” Bradbury said through a glass partition separating the two after Hicks requested his name and badge number.

“What I’m going to jail for?” Hicks asked.

“I’ll create something, you understand,” Bradbury responded. “You’ll go to jail, you understand that?”

“You can’t say that,” Hicks replied. “How are you going to create something? That’s against the law.”

“Recording me like that, that’s against the law,” Bradbury said, demonstrating his ability to create something out of nothing.

“That’s illegal. Without my knowledge. Want to go to jail for that too?”

“I’m doing this for my protection,” Hicks said.

Bradbury walked away but then the woman behind the woman then started berating Hicks, telling him, “you’re not starting that in my lobby.”

Yes, her lobby.

Hicks had stepped inside the Victorville Station to file a report about a child custody issue he was having with the mother of his baby.

But he said Bradbury blew him off, refusing to take the report, telling Hicks he was only having “baby mama drama,” according to ABC 7.

Hicks started to leave, but then returned to file a complaint against Bradbury. That was when he started recording.

But when he asked for Bradbury’s name and badge number, the deputy walked up to the window, wrote his name down on a card, then threatened to arrest him, claiming it was illegal to record him without permission, which is untrue.

The sheriff’s department even confirmed to ABC 7 that it does not have any policy against citizens recording them inside the station, but they claimed Bradbury was only having a “bad day.”

Bradbury is also the head coach for the Victor Valley College soccer team.


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