Tennessee Cop with Sordid Reputation Suspended for Sexually Harassing

Carlos Miller

Tennessee Cop with Sordid Reputation Suspended for Sexually Harassing Woman

A Tennessee cop was suspended without pay for two weeks after a female store clerk recorded him against his knowledge asking for nude photos and acknowledging to previously showing her a video of himself masturbating.

South Carthage police officer Frank Geisenhoffer claimed the woman initiated his interest after she first sent him a nude photo of herself.

But Elizabeth Restrepo denies that allegation and investigators did not buy it either, which is what led to his suspension in December.

In fact, not only is there no audio evidence of the cop acknowledging she had sent him a photo, there is another woman who has also come forward with similar allegations, according to News Channel 5, who obtained the recordings.

The recordings, made by convenience store clerk Elizabeth Restrepo, are crude.
“I don’t do big girls,” Geisenhoffer says at one point. “Don’t have to — not with this d…k.”
At another point, he tells Restrepo, “You do look good, baby. F…ing hot!” Later, he comments on the appearance of her nipples.
“Everything about Frank is scary, but it’s even more scary because he has a badge,” she told NewsChannel 5 Investigates.
Restrepo began making the recordings in the early morning hours when the on-duty officer would visit her store. She said that he went from asking her for nude pictures of herself to showing her a video of himself masturbating.
“I didn’t know what to say.” she recalled. “I didn’t know what to do. I honestly, I think my mind went blank, like wow, did that really just happen?”
Then, she said, Geisenhoffer asked for video of her pleasuring herself.
“I said, ‘Frank, really?’ – like that. He said, ‘No, I’m serious.’ He said, ‘If you ever were to do that, give me a video. I’ll pay you for it. I will owe you big!'”
That’s when, after checking with one of his fellow officers, she decided to record him.
“Because I had to prove — I just didn’t want it to be an officer against a girl that just works at a convenience store,” Restrepo said.
On the recordings, Geisenhoffer first asks her for nude pics of herself.
“Dude, yesterday was my birthday so I was hoping you’d send me a picture of something,” he says.
Later, he asks for pictures of her sister’s breasts.
“Get me a picture of those t…ies,” he begs.
It’s a request that, on the recordings, he makes repeatedly.

Also, a quick Google search shows that Geisenhoffer has long had a detestable reputation.

In an online forum about Carthage, somebody started a thread in 2010 titled “Why not write in your vote for Frank Geisenhoffer for Sheriff?”

But that question was met with mockery and disgust that anybody would dare suggest such a thing. Several commenters accused the person who started the thread of being Geisenhoffer himself, knowing that anybody who actually knows him would want him as sheriff.

Below are just a few of the comments made about Geisenhoffer, accusing him of beating women, cheating on his wives, impregnating “a very young girl” and just being an all-around douchebag with a badge.

r u kiding frank is a pice of trash..he talks about everone behind there back then kisses up to there face.he sits in keystop with young girls and other cops flirting talking bout his rambo tour in the war and how many people he has wooped or gonna woop people he is a joke..he lost his wife because he is a cheater and if your a cheater than your a liar they r right togather.. i dont know how he is even a cop..
F G for sherrif,lmao; HE has physically abused all 3 of his x wives.He even beat Donnita on their honeymoon so bad that her dad had to come over.He also got a very young girl pregnant a few years ago. For those who don’t believe me do a little checking.Find out why the THP wouldn’t re hire him!
i think gesherhofer is judemental and if he don’t like u or don’t wanna sleep with u then he is a prick.the jail would be full of the ones of his dilikes.he’s a smart ass who already has to much power and uses.i think south carthage n everywere should think about bars for him.he’s just as much a criminal as the next guy.no hater.just known facts.why u think he’s no longer a trooper.duh?
to redneck…you are the d.a that is crazy. F.G. is in the twighlight zone who thinks cause he has a badge he is GOD ALMIGHTY the way he prisses around with his girtle cuttin him into. He is just a PUSSINTROOPERBOOTS! with PUSS being the keyword. He may have whipped a few women but you never hear tell of him whippin a man now do ya?The only thing he is good at is lookin in the mirror and thinking he is Gods gift to women. I hope karma does not come back to bite him in the ass because it’ll swallow him up completely!
The man has a bad temper. He gets upset too easy. I don’t think he could handle the stess of the job. I don’t think it be a wise to put him in a big position of power. Wow, it be like a live wire but turbo power.
If he was as good looking as he thought he was he would have all the women he flirts with. He is a joke! He cracks me up directing school traffic with his chest all stuck out like he is Mr. Badass…lmfao. You can look @ him and tell he is a prick. Put some men in a uniform and give em a badge and they think they are God’s gift to all women. Personally he makes me want to puke!

So knowing all that, why does the South Carthage Police Department still employ him?

That’s the question the local media is asking as well, who are saying they will report on the other woman making similar accusation tonight against him at 10 p.m.


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