Texas Cop Caught on Video Tripping Students in Trouble Again

Carlos Miller

Texas Cop Caught on Video Tripping Students in Trouble Again

A Texas cop who became a viral sensation last year after he was caught on video tripping high school students rushing onto a football to celebrate a victory is in trouble again.

However, the Georgetown Police Department is refusing to explain why George Bermudez has been on paid administrative leave for the past two months.

But they do confirm it has nothing to do with last year’s incident in which he was suspended for 40 days, managing to reduce that punishment to 20 days when he appealed on the basis that other cops who are white have received less harsher punishments for more egregious acts of misconduct.

And he’s probably right, but those other cops were probably not caught on a video that was viewed all over the world.

It was an embarrassing moment for the 2013 Officer of the Year.

So we can only imagine what he has done now.

According to KXAN:

The Georgetown Police Department says an officer has been on paid leave for nearly two months. Officer George Bermudez has been on leave since March 27.
The Department says it cannot release any more details, since it is an internal affairs investigation, but his name may sound familiar. We showed you the video just over a year ago. Bermudez was suspended for tripping students as they rushed the field at a state championship soccer game in Georgetown.
We reached out to Georgetown police, and they say his current punishment has nothing to do with that incident. Bermudez has been with GPD for 10 years.

The tripping incident took place in April 2014. After receiving international news coverage, Georgetown Police Chief Wayne Nerocame down hard on Bermudez, suspending him for 40 days without pay, claiming he had no right to appeal.

But that was on a Friday. The following Tuesday, it was discovered that Bermudez did have the right to appeal, which he evidently did. Because he had already served the 40-day suspension, he received reimbursement for 20 days after reaching a “settlement”with the department.



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