Texas Cop Places Woman in Chokehold for Video Recording (Updated)

Carlos Miller

Texas Cop Places Woman in Chokehold for Video Recording (Updated)

A Texas cop placed a woman in a chokehold because she was video recording some type of police activity in the parking lot of what appears to be a fast food restaurant after she refused to provide identification.

It started when Corpus Christi Sergeant J.E. Lockhart stormed up to Lanessa Espinosa, who was standing a good distance away from the investigation, accusing her of interfering – after a nearby cop from another agency accused her of being a “jailhouse lawyer.”

“There is a probable cause for us to be out here,” Lockhart said. “I want to know who you are, so I’m requesting your ID. You fail to ID, I’m going to take you into jail. And that’s law.”
“What’s my charge?
“You’re not being charged with anything.”
“Then I don’t have to show you my ID, sir.”
“You’re involved in an investigation. You want to interfere with an investigation, you’re going to jail for interfering with a police officer in performance of his investigation. Do you understand that? DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?”

Espinosa understood that Lockhart was out of line, so she said she was in fear for her safety and took a step back, which was when another cop placed her in a chokehold.

Espinosa turned the camera on herself as she was getting chokehold by the cop from the other agency, whose agency has not been determined because Corpus Christi runs into four counties and I haven’t been able to make the patch out.

That cop then turned her over to Lockhard, who handcuffed her.

Espinosa has not responded for comment from PINAC over the incident, but public records show she was not arrested.

Contact info for the Corpus Christi police chief below:

Police Chief
Floyd Simpson


UPDATE: Espinosa responded to PINAC, saying she shot two previous videos, including the one below as well as another one she was forced to delete by the cop in the tan uniform. Below is her description of the events.

To sum up everything a fight broke out and the cop in tan came out and I stayed recording. He was on his radio calling CCPD and started asking for my I.D. I told him I was not involved with the situation just recording. He continually asked for my I.D. and I start recording. I recorded in 3 sections due to video length and time. The same officer that put me in a choke hold had also threatened to shoot me for not giving my I.D. the video that is posted is part 3. I still have part 2. As for part 1, after I was arrested for failure to I.D. I was put in a cop car. The arresting officer then went to go finish his investigation. No one else was arrested or even “detained” for the fight. I was the only one arrested. I was told the only way I would be released its if I deleted the video. So I deleted the 1st video because I was honestly scared for my safety. They released me and told me I was lucky and should be great full that I’m not going to jail.


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