Texas Cop Threatens to Arrest Teen for Smiling

Carlos Miller

Texas Cop Threatens to Arrest Teen for Smiling.

A Texas cop is feeling the heat after he threatened to arrest a teen for smiling, another teen because he just didn’t like him and another teen sitting in the back seat of the car for simply being there.

One of the teens apparently flipped him the bird, which is legal, but many times treated as if it were illegal.

Now the cop, identified as Plano police officer Jeff Willis, may face some disciplinary action, according to the Dallas Morning News.

The incident was Jose Briones and uploaded to Facebook in May, but only now going viral, gaining the attention of the local media.

According to CBS DFW:

There’s nothing funny about that,” said the passenger in the video.
The police officer remarks, “Okay then, stop smiling. You understand that?”
The driver in the video then responds, “How are you going to tell me to stop smiling?”
The interaction is between a 16-year-old driver named Jose and a Plano police officer in May at a car meet near the North Dallas Tollway and Spring Creek Parkway.
“Next time I see you. Maybe we’ll spend a little more time out here. You too,” remarked the officer.
A different passenger then responds, “What did I do?”
The officer then said to the passenger, “I don’t know. I just don’t like you.”
Being out of the town at the moment, the driver said via Facebook message that the officer pulled him over and accused one of his passengers of flipping him off with their middle finger.
“Keep going,” said the officer in the video. “Say something else and I’ll drag you out of the car.”

Last time we wrote about a citizen getting pulled over for flipping off a cop, then pepper spaying and arresting the man, the cop ended fired and the citizen was awarded a settlement.


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