Texas Cops Beat and Taser Man after finding Antibiotics in his Car

Carlos Miller

The Baytown cops found a bag of pills after the man consented to have his car searched so the cops beat and tasered him.

The mistake was made when Kedric Crawford gave Texas cops permission to search his car, thinking he would be fine since he had nothing to hide.

But Baytown police found a bag of pills so they proceeded to beat and taser him.

However, Crawford said the pills were antibiotics.

And it appears as if he is correct because police only charged him with assault on a public servant, claiming he scratched an officer with his fingernails as he was being attacked, According to the Houston Chronicle.

The incident took place on July 5 when Baytown police came across Crawford who was parked in a gas station and deemed it suspicious because it had been parked there "quite a while."

But Crawford said he had pulled in to the gas station to orient himself.

“I pulled over in the parking lot and I was waiting on my GPS to reload an address," he told the Houston Chronicle. "The officers just came from out of nowhere and harassed me. One thing led to another,” he continued. “I think they were trying to kill me.”

The video begins with Crawford questioning why they were searching his car so thoroughly, apparently under the impression they were not fishing for an excuse to arrest him.

Crawford asks when he can leave and a cop tells him "whenever" but then when he begins walking to his car, the cop grabs his wrists and tells him, "I'll freaking drop you," just itching to use the violent maneuvers he learned in the academy.

The same cop then repeatedly tasers him, causing him to scream out in pain as other cops pile on top of him, ordering him to "put your hands behind your back."

Police said they needed to continue tasering him because it did not seem to be affecting him but the video shows that is a lie.

Instead, the video shows the usual state-sanctioned thugs getting their rocks off by preying on the vulnerable which is why you should never give cops consent to search your car if they fail to articulate a reasonable suspicion that you are involved in a crime. And it has to be more than just parking your car at a gas station for "quite a while."

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Them copa need to die quickly

Tammy 123
Tammy 123

Wow that's messed up


police only charged him with assault on a public servant, claiming he scratched an officer with his fingernails as he was being attacked.

and i bet he had to be rushed to the hospital for his serious injury too! meanwhile the victim is still laying on the ground in need of medical attention.

it looks like cops love handing out all that free $$$$$ to there victims... it is time to start taking these BS excessive force cases and start throwing the piggys under the bus! this shit needs to stop!!!!!


I think we all know his real crime was DWB.


I wonder how many of those cops have a bottle of pills — aspirin, tylenol or perhaps something harder — in their cars, desks, homes, etc?

Cops Gone Rogue