Texas Cops Smother Man to Death after he Claimed they were trying to Kill him

Nathan Dimoff

"See, see? They're trying to kill me," were Andrew Carmona's last words before they killed him.

Texas cops said they were only trying to help a man whom they ended up killing.

The incident took place Saturday after the Luling Police Department responded to a call of someone banging on doors, throwing rocks at imaginary people and yelling out that people were trying to kill him.

When police arrived, Andrew Carmona, 36, leaped into the back of their patrol car, which was when officers dragged him out, searched him for weapons and let him back into the squad car.

Carmona's sister then arrived at the scene and told officers that "someone had called her and told her he had left his mother’s house and was acting crazy," according to the press release by Luling Police Chief Bill Sala.

Officers took Carmona back to his mother's house where he remained in the back of the officer's patrol car.

While the officers were speaking with his mother, Alice Laris, she pointed out that Carmona was jumping around in the back of the vehicle and yelling.

"When they opened the door, he said, 'see, see? They're trying to kill me.' After that they grabbed him and threw him on the ground," Laris said according KXAN.

After struggle happened, which ended with Carmona laying stomach down handcuffed.

This is where reports of the incident vary.

The family took to social media stating that one of the officers put their full body weight on Carmona's back while the other held his neck down.

"I told them he's foaming, he can't breathe, y'all are pressing him too much," Laris recalled to KXAN, "Officers told me to get back and I told them that he was foaming."

Carmona's family said the cops piled their weight on him until he could no longer breathe.

"The officers held his legs to keep him from kicking them and rolled him off and that is when they noticed the foaming of the mouth and immediately performed CPR and failed to revive him," according to the Press Release.

An autopsy has been ordered which will show if he was having a mental illness or if drugs were involved.

One family member went to Facebook and wrote that he was on medicine and that his father recently passed away.

Both officers involved have not been placed on administrative leave.

We reached out to Luling Police Chief Bill Sala and requested for audio of the 911 call as well as body camera footage, but he said he was unable to release it because the incident is under investigation by his own department with oversight by the Caldwell County District Attorney’s Office and the Texas Rangers.

Sala also advised that a full report of this incident must be forwarded to the office of the Texas Attorney General within 30 days as per Code of Criminal Procedure, Section 49.18 (b).

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Thanks for all the hard work Nathan, it's a relief to see someone as dedicated as yourself to exposing this plague. You always here "it's a shame cuz there are good cops out there" unfortunately the bad have tilted the scales. If it were the other way around and the police were always in danger like they act and some claim, you would see the thousands upon thousands of videos online supporting this theory, but you don't. Though you do see thousands upon thousands of citizens who's lives and well being are threatened non stop by these people who we have entrusted to serve and protect. Even more disturbing is the justice system who are giving them the ok every time a cop kills, maims, or violates a persons rights. Its not ok and we have to come together some how to put an end to this nightmare. Peacefully of course, I would never condone anything less.

Rail Car Fan
Rail Car Fan

Once again "Badge Bully" cops do what they do best. Murder innocent victims... and get away with it. Too bad "Summary Execution" isn't a "legal" punishment for cops like this. Rail Car Fan


...body camera footage, but he said he was unable to release it because the incident is under investigation ... You can BET if the body cam cleared the officer? It would have been released in 2 seconds.


Can never say it enough, "Never call the cops for ANYTHING". There is to great a chance that you or a family member will be killed by 'frightened by everything' cops.


Blue Isis Cops play this game almost everyday by killing or hurting a citizen with excessive force, then the Taxpayers foot the Bill and the thugs cops are allowed to keep their jobs and then what? They will do it again!


Another murder by the blue klan? Not releasing the video suggests so.

Cops Gone Rogue