Texas Deputy Leaves Man with Broken Ribs and Concussion for Questioning Arrest

Carlos Miller

The man was already handcuffed when the deputy slammed him down to the ground.

The Barstop County sheriff's deputy had a warrant for Eric Ybarra's arrest for driving with a suspended license and for not ensuring his daughter goes to school; misdemeanors that generally don't require cops showing up to your home.

But not only did the deputy show up to Ibarra's home on May 21, Ibarra said the deputy hopped over his fence to enter his property, which is how he managed to arrest him, according to KVUE.

Ibarra was under the impression that this made it an unlawful arrest, which is why he continued asking the deputy how he had entered the property (it's legal but rare).

But the deputy took those questions as an act of violent resistance, which is why he slammed Ibarra to the ground as his 14-year-old daughter recorded.

Ibarra ended up transported to the hospital with broken ribs and a concussion instead of jail.

Ibarra was also charged with resisting arrest in addition to the two previous misdemeanors but that charge has since been dropped.

A retired judge told KVUE that while it's legal for a cop to enter a person's property to make an arrest for a misdemeanor warrant, it's extremely rare.

After public criticism over the video, the Barstop County Sheriff's Office said it has opened an internal investigation.

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Dude's lucky this cop didn't kill him.

Think 4 urself
Think 4 urself

The cop pushed him forward and he pushed himself backwards, you can see it in his stance. That is infact resisting. The takedown was too much though, he should have just called for backup.

Cops Gone Rogue