Texas Deputy Shoots Man's Tail-Wagging Dog, Forcing him to Crowd Fund to Save it

Ben Keller

Texas man starts a GoFundMe after a deputy responding to his tripped home alarm shot his tail-wagging dog.

A deputy in Texas shot a man's dog after entering his home without a warrant after he was dispatched in response to a tripped home alarm.

It turned out, the alarm was tripped off by a family member.

Bexar County deputy S. Gonzalez, whose badge number is 4163, was the officer responsible for the shooting.

Mathew Hauger, the owner of "Delilah," who appears to be a golden retriever, described the shooting in a Facebook post dated on October 29, although his initial efforts began October 26.

"[M]y brother had been evicted quite some time ago. Never came back from a dark path and will take anything thats not locked up or bolted down. He snuck in through the garage doggy door with his infant toddler in tow and set off my security system and police were immediately dispatched. Upon entry of the home they came through the back door in the garage, and delilah approached him butt swinging, tail wagging and a bright smile, she did not run, she did not bark. She was then shot by the cop."

After apparently struggling to get any traction for his crowd funding efforts early on, Hauger's more elaborate post that included photos and a detailed description of the incident began gaining traction on Facebook.

​After his post went viral, he raised enough funds to begin the process of healing for his dog, according to his post on Facebook.

​Hauger posted an update stating his dog's first surgery was a success.

"First surgery was a success, broken teeth have been extracted, root and all. But after the surgery, she had pulled out her ET which is causing complications. Enough had been raised for the deposit but the rest still needs to be paid," he wrote.

​However, so far, Hauger has only raised $2,125 of his $8,000 vet bill, which can be viewed below.

Read more about Hauger's GoFundMe efforts here.

​​See the entire itemized bill, along with several photos of Delilah, here. ​​

PINAC has reached out to Hauger about possibly obtaining video of the shooting from his home surveillance system, but has not yet received a response.

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Uh you have a home alarm then you probably have some equity. Take out a HELOC and get it done. Then sue the bastard for shooting your dog in your home.


This is horrible


Too many punk assed law enforcement personnel enter homes without a warrant and then commit criminal acts and expect to get away with it. Bexar County is one of the worst in Texas. Unfortunately, our Legal System is flawed, but that is slowly changing. Owner of the dog will have to sue Bexar County Sheriff Department for criminal damage to his property which should cover the medical bills for the dog. Retards, Retards they are trained that way.

Cops Gone Rogue