Texas Police Chief Under Investigation for Stalking 14-Year-Old Girl


Texas Police Chief Under Investigation for Stalking 14-Year-Old Girl and Possibly More Girls.

A Texas police chief under investigation for stalking a 14 year-old-girl may have done the same to five other female children.

Maypearl Police Chief Kevin Coffey is accused of initiating a friendship with the girl on Facebook, sending her messages that were extremely sexual in nature, often involving handcuffing the child.

“I’ll cuff u and put u on the hood again and smack that ass lol.”
“Had a nice spot picked out to stop you and everything lol.”

The chief also sent her Snapchat photos captioned, “One of the days… hahaha,” of him holding handcuffs.

The contact did not exclusively take place online however, and the teen, now 16, asserts that the chief would park outside her house and flash his police vehicle lights at her window to signal for her to come outside.

She was allowed in his office and allowed her to view police files, citations and dash-cam video of officer’s traffic stops, CBS reports.

While she was in his office, Coffey reportedly made extremely sexual remarks such as:

“Your ass is getting big.”
“I would like to smack our ass.”
“You have a nice body.”
“You have nice boobs.”

The girl claims that he would wait for her to go outside and would stop her. She also alleges that he is doing the same thing to five other teenage girls.

On July 11, search warrants were executed on his home and office for all of his computers, cell phones, and thumb drives.

The Texas Rangers, Texas Attorney General’s Office Child Exploitation Unit and Ellis County District Attorney’s Office, and the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office are all currently working on the investigation into Coffey for official oppression, misuse of official information, online solicitation of a minor, stalking and harassment and tampering with evidence.

The chief has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

One study on police sexual misconduct, published in Police Chief Magazine determined that victims are less than 18 years of age in roughly three-fourths of sexual misconduct cases. Sexual misconduct is the second highest complaint against police after excessive force.


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