Texas Police Dog Sent to Attack Man Without Warning,


Texas Police Dog Sent to Attack Man Without Warning, Sheriff Claimed it Was a Case of Mistaken Identity

Imagine you are working under a trailer home, repairing an air conditioner unit and without any warning a vicious and deadly animal attacks you, trying to rip you apart. Well Tim Young of Tomball, Texas does not have to imagine it, he lived this nightmare first hand. While working repairing a customer’s air conditioner unit a Harris County Sheriff’s Office Police Dog, was sent under the residence he was working without any warning and attacked him. Leaving him severely injured, bloodied and treated as if he is a suspect of a crime, when he was simply doing his job. Harris County Sheriff has found no fault with his Deputy, for his action and lack of regard for the safety of the innocent citizens, who suffer severe bodily injury by the negligent acts of one of his employees.

Gonzales is quoted by ABC 13, “I apologize,” Gonzalez said. “It’s always traumatic for anyone to be bit, especially if it’s not the target we’re searching for.” And “I have to, at this point, believe the deputy did in their training what they thought was appropriate,” Gonzales later claims “One of the deputies heard the handler give the commands,” .
While witnesses to the entire event tell a completely different version of events, to no surprise, one witness Don Lorenz told ,ABC 13, “Nobody told us who they were,” Lorenz said. “We did not hear one word of warning.”


The dog was simply sent under the house to find and attack whoever it found, with complete lack of regard of any potential outcomes, in this case it found a strong adult male, imagine if some kids were under the house playing when this vicious animal was sent on a mission to attack whatever it found. Also the deputies offered zero medical assistance even though Mr. Young’s injury required the application of a tourniquet, because the dog ripped through the brachial artery, requiring extensive surgery to repair. To add insult to injury Harris County Government nor the Harris County Sheriff’s Office has offered to any responsibility for this act, leaving Mr Young with a stack of medical bills and limited function of the injured limb.


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