Texas Police Release Bodycam Footage of Officer Shooting Inside Car

Nathan Dimoff

Arlington police killed a man while he was attempting to roll up his windows.

Arlington police just released both body cam and dash cam footage from last weekend deadly traffic stop shooting.

Two officers pulled Oshae Terry, 24, over, who was with his friend, due to an expired registration.

One of the officers went back to the patrol car to run their information when they attempted to roll up the windows.

Body cam footage shows Terry using the window controls when the second officer grabs onto the window attempting to keep it down asking Terry what he was doing.

> "Officer: we just have to do what we have to do. So thats basically it. HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY STOP!

> Man shot: I aint going nowhere.

> Officer: Sir! (shot fired)

> Passenger: Hey man!

> Officer: Stop! Stop! Stop the car man! Stop the car!"

Terry then proceeds to accelerate the SUV and that is when officer starts shooting into the SUV.

The SUV kept going until it crashed a few blocks away.

Terry was rushed to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead while his friend was not injured.

After the shooting, officers found a Glock, an extended 29 round magazine, pound of marijuana, and seven grams of ecstasy pills.

Currently the officer is on administrative leave.

Terry's family has hired attorney Lee Merritt.

They believe that the shooting was not justified as there was no immediate danger to the officer. They are hoping that the district attorney will file charges against the officer.

According to Fox4 News:

> Its clear that no one rolled up a window on an officer. The officer clearly wasnt being dragged. He was holding on to the car, Merritt said. At no point was the officer in any danger for his life or anyone else for that matter.

The family plans to file civil charges against the Arlington Police Department.

The department released the footage in an effort to be transparent of the incident.

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