Texas Police Shot Man in Back, Disproves Police Claim


Texas Police Shot Man in Back, Autopsy Disproves Police Claim Victim “Charged At Officers”.

The El Paso Police Department has maintained that Erik Salas Sanchez, 22, was shot for charging at police, however, the autopsy report has revealed that he was shot in the back.

The police claim that Sanchez had threatened them with a “metal object,” and charged at the officers.

The cops allegedly attempted to tase Sanchez, but were unsuccessful, and that is when a 10-year-veteran Texas police officer opened fire with his service weapon.

Sanchez was shot three times, in the right side of his back, the left side of his back, and his buttocks.  Quite a feat, as he was allegedly “charging at the officers.”

He was then handcuffed despite the severe injuries, and died soon after at the Del Sol Medical Center.

This west Texas police agency has released few details surrounding the incident which took place on April 29, when police were called to respond to a burglary in Sanchez’ neighborhood.

The fatal encounter did not take place at the residence that was allegedly burglarized however, and police will only say it was “different than the location he was suspected of burglarizing.”

The victim’s mother maintains that the shooting took place outside the home she shared with her son, after police arrived and asked her to come outside.

Erik Sanchez shouted in reply to the cops, which isn’t illegal.

It remains unclear why the El Paso police officers went to the family’s home in the first place.

The Mexican Consulate has also been involved with assisting the family, as Sanchez was a Mexican citizen who was living legally in the United States as many families whose lives straddle the border.

Mexico’s Consul General Jacob Prado is calling for a full investigation of the incident.

The El Paso officer who shot Sanchez was placed on administrative leave for a few days following the incident.  We all know that’s just cop speak for paid vacation.

The officer is supposed to remain on administrative duties pending the outcome of the investigation by the Texas Rangers, the El Paso Police, and the District Attorney’s office.

The investigation is anticipated to be complete by “early next year,” according to Prado.

It is unknown at this time if the officer who shot Erik Garcia in the back is sipping margaritas by the pool today, but we know that El Paso taxpayers will probably wind up footing the bill for killing a man suspected of no crimes.


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