Texas Security Guard Assaults Man Who Walks Out of Walmart

Carlos Miller

A man with a shopping cart filled

With paid merchandise attempted to walk out of a Texas Walmart refusing to provide his receipt, leading to a uniformed security guard blocking his path out of the store.

“Would you please move out of my path” the man holding the camera told the guard, who was blocking the doorway, preventing him and a female companion from leaving with the merchandise.

“I need to check your receipt first,” the guard said.

“I do not consent to a search,” the man responded.

“It is not a search, it is a policy, sir,” the man said.

The man accused the guard of violating his Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights.

The guard said he only needed to “verify his basket.”

A manager was called, who said promised he would resolve the problem as soon as the camera was turned off. Nothing could be done before that.

The man said there was no way in hell he was going to turn off the camera.

After a few back and forths, the manager got word that the man had paid for his merchandise, informing him that he was now free to leave with his basket and without showing his receipt.

As the man was walking out, the flustered security guard stepped into him, yelling “stop recording,” slapping the camera.

The security guard tried to walk away but the man started following him, accusing him of assault, demanding his name and badge number.

The security guard started shoving him out the store, telling him to “leave.”

The man chuckled his way out the store, his receipt never inspected.

The video was posted on Yejnomym’s Channel with the following description:

As I was leaving the store, a greeter asked me if I had a receipt to which I replied “Somewhere” and kept walking. This prompted Officer Stay-Puft to shout “SIR! YOU NEED TO SHOW YOUR RECEIPT!” as loud as he could at me. I refused and he told me I wasn’t leaving the store until I showed him my receipt, which is an illegal detainment (he later changed his story on this when recording started).
I told him I don’t consent to a search of my private property. He claimed the property isn’t mine until I showed him a receipt (he changed this when recording started as well). I refused again at which point he said I could leave the store but I couldn’t take the basket with me, while refusing to stop blocking my path of egress.
At this point I had enough of his harassment and started recording. Things quickly went south for him after this, culminating in him battering me several times, hiding his badge from the camera, and refusing to identify himself. Clearly he thinks he is above the law and doesn’t think he needs to be held accountable to the public.
A call to the Walmart manager revealed he is J. Ibarra from the Precinct 4 Bexar County Constables Office.
This is an absolutely shameful way to treat a customer who just spent $200 at their store and shops there nearly every day. Walmart and the badged goons they hire have no respect for the privacy of their customers or their right to refuse to be searched by anybody without a warrant, PC, or RAS.
I served four years in the USAF as a firefighter and disabled myself defending the Constitution. I never waive my rights and if I say “No” to a search that should be the end of the story without exception. I hope everybody involved is ready to be famous!

The incident took place Saturday, April 2 at 7:26 p.m. at the Walmart at 8923 W Military Dr, San Antonio, TX.



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