Texas Trooper strikes Seventh-Grader during School Zone Traffic Stop

Ben Keller

A Texas DPS trooper struck a seventh-grader on September 24 during a traffic stop near an elementary school.

A middle school student in a Houston school district was rushed to a hospital after being struck by a Texas Department of Public Safety trooper on Monday.

Texas DPS spokesman Richard Standifer would not say how fast the trooper was going when he struck the girl or reveal the name of the trooper involved in the incident,.

Instead, Standifer blamed the seventh grade girl, saying the victim dashed into traffic in front of the trooper near Leider Elementary School as the trooper attempted to initiate a traffic stop in a school zone.

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The incident happened at around 4 p.m. after classes at Watkins Middle School let out for the day in an area where a 20 MPH speed limit is posted.

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​Standifer indicated there wouldn't be any investigation or any charges against the trooper, who was on duty driving a marked car when the incident occurred.

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"That could happen to anybody," he said.

"I don't think DPS will take any action against the trooper."

Cypress-Fairbanks ISD spokeswoman Leslie Francis said the victim was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital, according to ABC13.

Witnesses reported seeing "at least 20 cop cars" at the scene.

Standifer did not say why the trooper was attempting to stop the driver he was pursuing when he struck the girl, whose condition is currently unknown.

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vegas jack
vegas jack

Run over my kid in a school zone...I will take action myself! Badge or not!


douche bag cops are held up to a higher standard he has lots of driving training the 13 yr old doesnt drive has no concept of what police do so to blame an under aged child for the cops mistake just proves that your police force is corrupt now you can blame the school because their were no crossing guards doing their job but an innocent child you should be very embarrassed did cop even stop to give first aid sounds to me he first called his union to take care of himself

Cops Gone Rogue