Two NYPD cops caught on video beating handcuffed suspect

Carlos Miller

Two NYPD cops were caught on camera punching and kicking a handcuffed suspect as other cops looked on nonchalantly.

Officers John Cicero and William Green have been suspended and face criminal charges pending an investigation by the Bronx District Attorney’s office.

Another two sergeants were also suspended for not intervening in the assault which was caught on video by an area resident from an apartment window.

The resident turned the video over to the district attorney’s office, which opened an investigation into the matter that occurred on January 5.

The New York Post obtained the video and the story.

Cicero and Green, who were undercover, were arresting four men when one of them ran into a building and down to a basement apartment.
Three cops chased him into the apartment, where a pit bull charged out.
One officer fired at the dog — hitting its paw — before the bullet ricocheted. Bullet fragments injured Detectives Thomas Guarino and Thomas McHale.
Meanwhile, a swarm of cops had arrived and were detaining at least three suspects, sources said.
One of those handcuffed suspects, who was on the ground, allegedly told rookie Officer Cicero “that it should have been him who should have been shot and killed,” a source said.
Cicero then attacked the man, according to a source who saw the video, which an area resident took from a nearby apartment window.

How much you want to bet that police claimed the suspect was violently resisting on their police report?


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