U.S. Marshal Snatches Camera From Woman in Los Angeles

Carlos Miller

U.S. Marshal Snatches Camera From Woman in Los Angeles, Smashes it to Sidewalk, Kicks it

Strapped with an assault rifle, a United States Marshal stormed up to a woman recording from a residential sidewalk, snatching the camera from her hands and sending it smashing to the pavement before kicking it towards her in a shocking display of rage.

The marshal then walked off with a group of other armed cops who were part of a task force operation.

The entire video lasts less than a minute and it just came across our radar, so we will be looking more into it and updating this post as we get more details. The original Youtube description provides only the following:

South Gate California. South Gate/Montebello police attack Cop Watcher destroying her cell phone. 04/19/15

As soon as the cops stormed off, she turned to another woman across the street who recorded it all as she was left gasping in surprise.

“Did you record that?” she asked.

Yes, she did. And she did a great job of recording considering she held the phone sideways to obtain the horizontal video, which is much more superior than vertical videos, even though many citizens don’t seem to see this. But hopefully that is changing.

Here is contact information:

Central District of California
Task Force Information
Task Force Name: Pacific Southwest Regional Fugitive Task Force
Purpose: Fugitive Apprehension
Participants: US Marshals Service, LA Police Department, LA Sheriff’s Department, California Department of Justice
Contact Phone Number: (213) 894-2485


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