U.S. Marshals Kill Wrong Man in Wrong Trailer

Carlos Miller

U.S. Marshals Kill Wrong Man in Wrong Trailer While Trying to Serve Arrest Warrant in New Mexico

United States Marshals shot and killed the wrong man in the wrong trailer before turning their attention to the right trailer and arresting the right man early Saturday morning in New Mexico.

But now they are not admitting any wrongdoing.

However, 23-year-old Edgar Alvarado was shot dead before they eventually nabbed 25-year-old murder suspect George Bond.

Alvarado lived in trailer number 26 in the West Central trailer park in Albuquerque.

Bond was hiding out in trailer number 29, which was three trailers down.

SWAT team members were seen fist bumping each other after Bond had been arrested, so at least somebody found cause to celebrate.

According to the Albuquerque Journal:

“The United States Marshal Service was in the process of serving an arrest warrant when an incident occurred and shots were fired,” Pierce wrote in a news release.
The Marshals Service said that George Bond, 25, and six others were arrested at the trailer park. Bond was wanted in connection with a 2014 murder in Los Lunas. He had managed to flee from authorities at Albuquerque’s main post office, near Broadway and Mountain NE, on Friday afternoon.
Ben Segotta, a spokesman for the Marshals Service, said the arrests were made near where the shooting took place, but he declined to comment on the shooting.
Pierce didn’t say if the marshals opened fire or if it was officers from another law enforcement agency.
As the scene came to a close, SWAT officers were seen fist-bumping one another.
Alvarado was described as a small and outgoing man. He was a graduate of the Academy of Trades and Technology and was planning to propose to his girlfriend, his family said.

Although law enforcement is not publicly commenting on the shooting, Alvarado’s family is outraged.

On Friday, Bond had eluded authorities when he ran into a post office and ran out the back door.

Last week U.S. Marshals made national news by arresting a Texas man over a 29-year-old student loan debt.


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