U.S. Secret Service Agent Caught on Camera in Road Rage Incident

Carlos Miller

U.S. Secret Service Agent Caught on Camera in Road Rage Incident.

Just as the U.S. Secret Service was getting over the international prostitution scandal from April, another agent was caught on video in a case of road rage this week.

The agent, who has not been identified, was speeding down a North Carolina freeway in an apparent altercation with another driver as a third driver video recorded the incident.

Driving an unmarked Dodge Charger, the agent pulled in front of an SUV and slammed on the brakes. Then when the driver of the SUV attempted to drive past him, the agent switched on his blue lights in his front grills as if to pull him over.

The SUV pulled to the side of the road as the agent sped past him, thinking he had taught that driver a lesson.

The man who recorded the incident sent the video to WCNC, which determined that the license plate lead to the Secret Service.

Special Agent in Charge, Russ Nelson, of the Secret Service office in Charlotte said, “The employee was working on duty in an official capacity in a US Secret Service vehicle at the time of the incident.”
Nelson said they’re investigating the incident and have placed the agent on paid leave until the issue is resolved.

Yesterday, a retired Secret Service agent was arrested in South Carolina for plotting to kidnap a judge.

James Bartee, a 54-year-old running for sheriff in Oconee County, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with solicitation to commit a felony after authorities said he tried to pay someone to abduct former judge James Williams Jr., who is trying to get Bartee removed from the ballot for sheriff.

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