UPDATE: Full Body Cam Video Emerges; Cops Use "Spit Hood" on 12-Year-Old Boy

Community members in California are furious and calling out police for placing a bag over kid's head during an arrest.

UPDATE (2:22 P.M 5/23/2019): It turns out, a so-called "spit hood" was placed over the kids head.

And, according to recently released body cam footage, the kid may have actually spit on a female officer before the spit mask was placed on the kids hear.

"That’s f------ it, he just spit on me," the female officer in the video says.

"Yeah I spit on your b---- a--. How you like that shit?" the boy can be heard saying.

In our story, we suspected whatever was on his head might have been a so-called spit mask, but several media outlets (we cited the San Fransisco Bay View) reported it was a bag.

Sacramento police were called on the boy for panhandling, so we still have questions about how lawful the arrest was, before the boy spit on him.

Is it a crime for a minor to be poor?

The boy's family is demanding an apology, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Below, we have included the original story, as well as the original body cam footage in our update.


Residents in Sacramento are fuming after hearing about how a 12-year-old child, who stands 4-feet-10-inches tall and weighs less than 100 pounds, was inappropriately constrained by police officers who put a plastic bag over his head in order to shut him up.

It happened at a local carnival in Sacramento.

As the police hold him with a bag over his head, the child tells officers he cannot breath and pleaded for them to "call my mom."

In the video, posted by Black Lives Matter Sacramento, police can be seen grabbing the kid by his neck, taking him to the ground, placing a knee in his back and handcuffing his hands behind his back as he lay face-first on the asphalt then putting the bag over his head.

If things weren't bad enough, the young victim was born with serious upper respiratory complications and suffers from breathing difficulties, particularly when he's anxious.

The boy, who is unidentified due to being a minor, was attending a carnival when private security confronted him.

It's not exactly clear what the child was accused of, but private security apparently called police to deal with him.

When video of the encounter begins, footage shows the officers cuffing the kid while he protests about how the officers are treating him.

Police officers use, and sometimes abuse, spit masks used to prevent spitting when dealing with combative suspects — often times officers use the masks out of spite, to cause discomfort.

The video, which currently has 200,000 views, shows the boy, who was verbally protesting but remaining calm, visibly upset as witnesses begin forming a crowd demanding to know why the officers methods seem so excessive.

Mark Harris, an attorney retained by the boy's family, said he felt particularly betrayed after watching the video.

"Shocking. Shameful. Unconscionable. Intolerable," he wrote in an Op-Ed piece published for the San Fransisco Bay View.

The Sacramento Police Department has not yet issued a statement regarding the incident.

We edited the video down to two minutes, which is posted above. The full unedited video is posted below.

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First off, the video doesn't show the start of the incident, not even close. Spitting on anyone is assault. Obstruction of justice is what the kid recording was doing getting in everyone's face. They have no "right" to know why he is getting arrested. Wanting his parents there is kind of funny since they can't seem to give a shit what he is doing BEFORE he was arrested. He cannot be questioned w/o a parent or guardian present but can be arrested all by himself. A spit mask is not a plastic bag.


Cali cops are soft. Try doing that in the 305. It won't just be your head in a bag, it will be your whole body.


I think the police go overboard way too often, but this little clown is obviously aggressive and foul mouthed. He's not hurt and if he was spitting on me I'd rock his mouth with a baton and he could spit some teeth into his bag. And you can tell the clown yelling at the cops is the same type of "gangsta" who would shoot the kid at a drive by at his birthday party. They can't aim at a target cause they hold the pistol sideways and try to throw the bullets out by shaking the gun at their (friend, girlfriend, rival, relative, neighbor, etc.


1st of all, that's not a plastic bag!! It's a cloth bag. The kid was spitting on officers. Yuck! I would have done the same. The kid obviously has no respect for others. He acts like a terrorized kid and he's not. He's terrorizing the officers! He's a little punk who needs to learn manners. And there are consequences for your actions. Where did he get the idea it's ok to spit on people? Obviously he learned that from somebody in the home.


that is not a plastic bag its a spit bag the kid spits on the cops in the video that child needs some real discipline its not the cops job to do it but some one has to that its kids like that who grow up to be real criminals