UPDATE: South Carolina Cop Manhandles 15-Year-Old High Schooler During Arrest

Joshua McBee
Joshua McBee

Ben Keller

Video posted to Facebook shows a South Carolina cop manhandling a 15-year-old high school student during an arrest.

Two videos posted to Facebook May 3 by Joshua McBee show a South Carolina cop manhandling a petite, female high school student during an arrest.

UPDATE: It turns out, the girl was arrested for attempted murder for allegedly stabbing a 17-year-old student during a physical altercation, according to the State.

A nearby adult was reportedly giving first aid to the injured student, applying a belt to her stab wound, as the arrest took place.

Initially, the girl reported she had gotten rid of the knife, which she admitted to carrying to school daily, but authorities later recovered it.

We were also unaware that the arrest took place in February, 2019.

The first video, seen above, shows the officer approach the girl and make a gesture for her to stand up.

The girl stares forward, apparently ignoring the gesture, when the officer grabs her and eventually winds up mounted on top of her.

"Do not fucking touch me! Get the fuck off me!" the girl yells.

"Now you're resisting," the cop replies to her protests.

A second video, seen below, shows the officer pulling the girl up by her pants then leaning over her as she passively resists by going limp.

"Oh, no . . . record it," one high school student says before the video ends.

Initially, it wasn't clear what led up to the incident. The only informatin available was that it apparently took placed at Broome High School and involved a 15-year-old girl who attends the school.

But reader Zachary Quillan messaged PINAC, which included the State article informing us of the update.

Viewers on social media posted different reactions after viewing video of the arrest, which another reader brought to our attention.

"FYI, this child is a CHILD maybe 5 ft. if that and all of 90 lbs. He had no business putting his hands on her," Erica Scruggs posted after watching the video.

"Doesn't matter her size, you resist then you get (sic) manhandled," Jason Elliot replied to Scruggs.

One poster made light of the situation, saying people were overreacting by calling the arrest of the small girl excessive.

"Y'all call that shit excessive and it is,but imagine getting done worse and not resisting at all, but y'all don't care, though," Muddy Ray wrote.

Others asked how an officer was supposed to arrest a female suspect if he's not allowed to touch her.

Another said the officer weighs "maybe 300 pounds" and was digging his knee into her back during the arrest.

At some point, she says the girl passed out.

It's not clear if any disciplinary action is being taken by the department or the school the officer works for.

The girl, who is not being identified due to being a juvenile, was being held at the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center, according to the State report from February.

Watch footage taken from another angle below.

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The story your referencing for the murder wasnt wven the school this happened at, get your facts straight. Flora and Broome are two entirely different places, the family of the minor could prosecute you for character defamation. You need to update this again and clear it up.


As a student from Broome High who knows the victim in this video and has info on what actually happened, you are a lying ass mother fucked and spreading false info is petty as fuck. Stop prottecting Officer law, he knows what the fuck he did because the victims sister called him and he admitted he broke the law, I was present when he said it. Fuck this lyin' ass reporter


You are referencing two different incidents IN 2 DIFFERENT STATES. You're facts are WRONG. You should really do your homework before you put lies out in the public eye. People like you is what's wrong with this country. Always stirring up stuff for the sake of recognition. If this is your day job you need to quit or be fired for slanderous reasons. The right thing to do is take it down now that you know it's a LIE.


Good for her. Went slack. Passive resistance. Pisses the cops off to no end. Cops are safer than ever on the streets, yet we, the civilians must be cautious around them or we could be killed for 'threatening them and placing them in fear for their lives;. This country has gone to hell and we keep thinking we can get it back under control. What a bad joke on us. America ain't what it used to be and certainly isn't what we believe it to be. Fascism is Amerika.


Such a manly man

Cops Gone Rogue