Utah Cops Taser Man, Then Drag Him Out of Burning Home

Carlos Miller

Utah Cops Taser Man, Then Drag Him Out of Burning Home in Dramatic Body Cam Video

Dramatic body cam video emerged from Utah showing police entering a home and finding a shirtless man armed with a machete who was lighting a curtain on fire.

The officer tasered the man as another officer kicked the machete away while the curtain fire grew stronger.

The West Jordan police officers called the fire department, then dragged the man out of the house, leaving the fire to continue spreading.

But the fire ended up damaging much of the house, leaving it a total loss, according to Fox 13.

From our perspective, it appears as if the police did things right in this case, but some commenters in the Fox 13 article are accusing the officers of not doing enough to stop the fire before it continued to spread.

But dragging the man out of the house was a priority.

Police were responding to a domestic violence call Thursday when they encounter 36-year-old Brandon Morgan, who was wielding a machete and starting the fire.

The cop, who entered the home with his gun drawn, even switched to his taser rather than shoot him, so that’s a plus.

A police spokesman told Fox 13 that the responding officers were “engaged in a fight with the suspect inside while the fire was still burning,” but that appears to be an exaggeration as the suspect did not seem to put up any fight once he was tasered.

Morgan was charged with aggravated arson, aggravated assault and aggravated cruelty to animals.

Two family members made it safely out of the home prior to the fire but four family pets, including three dogs and a cat, were killed in the fire.

The family has launched a Go Fund Me page because they say homeowner’s insurance might not pay for the damages because the fire was a result of domestic violence.


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