Utah Man Puts Hands Up, Gets Face Eaten by Police Dog Anyway


Utah Man Puts Hands Up, Gets Face Eaten by Police Dog Anyway.

A Utah man decided to burn his Christmas tree inside a garbage can, leading to a police call for “disturbing the peace,” resulting in a police dog snatching its jaws to his face and not letting go, even though the man was following police orders to place his hands in the air.

Martin Lee Hoogveldt, lives in West Jordan, a bedroom community in southwest of Salt Lake City. Hoogveldt, 33, assumed that complying immediately with West Jordan Police officers verbal commands, would ensure a safe arrest, especially after they threatened to release their canine if he resisted.

But Martin raised his hands, then suffered the indignity of having his face eaten.

No citizen should accept a police raid of their home without a warrant, Mr. Hoogveldt didn’t protest the West Jordan Police’s illegal entry. Now he’s got a major lawsuit and probably suffers from PTSD.

As reported by the Salt Lake Tribune:

Adams’ body camera footage — which was played for reporters at a Thursday press conference hosted by Hoogveldt’s attorney, Robert Sykes — shows his police canine attacking Hoogveldt in his home after he already put his hands up.
“I was just in shock the whole time,” Hoogveldt said Thursday. “I did nothing but try to make it easy for them. I thought I would not be a threat sitting down.”

Of course, the West Jordan Police claim that he was resisting, but it’s impossible to see how sitting still with your hands up is resistance on video.

After Hoogveldt endured the terrifying experience of a dog attack, officers whipped out their Tasers and according to the Salt Lake Tribune:

Sykes estimated they used Tasers on him three to four times. One to two minutes later, Pyro bit Hoogveldt severely on his buttocks at Adams’ direction, the complaint adds.

Readers, I would strongly advise all of you to verbally assert your rights under the 4th Amendment in the event of a Warrantless entry by police.Now Mr. Hoogveldt has a civil rights lawsuit against the department and cop Ian Adams, and the taxpayers of West Jordan will be facing another levy for careless police brutality.Call the Salt Lake City Police Department at (801) 799-3100


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