VIDEO: Cop Kills "Vicious" Family Dog with Wagging Tail after it Lunges at him

Tennessee sheriff's deputy viewed the dog as a threat but the dog was friendly to everybody, its owners say.

A Tennessee sheriff's deputy arrived at a home to serve a warrant, only for the family dog to saunter towards him from the front porch with a wagging tail as if to greet him.

But at one point, the dog stopped wagging its tail and lunged towards the Cheatham County sheriff's deputy, prompting him to pull out his gun and kill the dog.

The incident was caught on a home surveillance camera and shared with News Channel 5, which posted the video in its news segment above.

Sadie Bug, a 6-year-old Redtick Coonhound mix, had never bitten a soul, according to her owners, who are considering legal action.

But Cheatham County Sheriff Mike Breedlove said Sadie Bug was a "vicious" dog who left the deputy no choice but to shoot and kill her.

"This dog was vicious, she was trying to bite the deputy. We aren't out there to hurt anyone, especially someone's pet... but there was no time to diffuse the situation. By our standard he did, unfortunately, everything he had to do," Sheriff Breedlove said on Wednesday.

Cheatham County sheriff's deputy Darrel Hooper arrived at the home of Lori Pardue and her fiancé's home Wednesday in Ashland City to serve a warrant because the couple were victims in an assault case.

Pardue said that Sadie Dog always had free range of the front yard because not only did the dog never escape, it never attacked or bitten anyone. She even loved kids.

​But perhaps Sadie Bug does not like men in uniform. Or maybe she just wanted to play.

It's difficult to tell from the video, but it doesn't seem there was a need to shoot and kill the dog.

The sheriff said he does not plan to discipline Hooper but the video will be forwarded to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation who may decide to investigate.

And that does not make Pardue feel any better.

"If he was that aggressive toward my dog, it could happened to somebody else," she told News Channel 5.

"It's awful, especially where we don't feel like we're a family right now and it's really really tough," she said.

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Rail Car Fan
Rail Car Fan

Once again the "Badge Bully" cops do what they do best... kill/murder and get away with it. Rail Car Fan


Maybe if someone with the heehaw County sheriff' dept said they were coming out to the house and to expect them at a certain time this family wouldn't be victims not once but twice!


If I understand this story: If a police dog is coming after me, I have the right to defend myself and shoot it, correct? I mean, after all, the sheriff would probably say: "This dog was vicious, she was trying to bite the female. She wasn't out there to hurt anyone, especially someone's pet... but there was no time to diffuse the situation. By our standard she did, unfortunately, everything she had to do."


I might get a lot of heat for saying this. Maybe he didn't get to kill a n...... that day... so, he had to kill something. Or he was probably in a bad mood that day. I'm not saying that all police officers are bad but he saw the dog wagging his/her tail, he could have backed up and get back in his cruiser.

Liberal Savage
Liberal Savage

James Amon You are a bootlicker. Pussy ass cops can't bear a single bite so it's shoot first BUT when cops turn their dogs on you they are allowed to maul the shit out of you. Even after you have been taken down and are in cuffs cops pretend they can't get the dog to release as if they don't have a trained command to do so. And if you even try defend yourself against the dog you get charged with a felony. You are expected to lay there and take it but god firbid a family dog get excited around a cop! Pffft!

You get called a bootlicker often by our own words. Maybe it's time to consider the GLARING evidence.