Video: Florida Cop Elbows Teenager in the Face, Gets Administrative Leave

Joshua Brown

This Florida cop is seen on video hitting a teenager in the face

A sheriff’s deputy in Fort Myers, Florida is on administrative leave after video surfaced showing the law enforcement officer striking a teen in handcuffs.

The video, posted to Twitter on Thursday, shows two Lee County sheriff’s deputies holding 17-year-old Bienvenido Roman, who is in handcuffs, by the arms while apparently washing his face off with a hose.

A third deputy enters the frame of the video, approaches the teen, elbows him in the face and walks away. But the deputies had no idea that a citizen was video recording the entire encounter.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office is now investigating the deputy, NBC2 reports.

Twitter user @brycherrera1 posted the video, tagging the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. “Explain this,” the Twitter user wrote.

The sheriff’s office says that the video is under investigation.

The deputies first attempted to arrest Roman in Fort Myers Shores last Tuesday, but the teen fled from the officers. Roman has reportedly been arrested 12 times since 2016.

The deputy who was placed on administrative leave has not been publicly identified.


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