VIDEO: Illinois Cops Beat Non-Resisting Man, then Falsely Accuse him of Fighting

Carlos Miller

The Galesburg cops claimed the man was resisting but the video proves otherwise.

The video shows Christopher Edward Alfaro was not resisting during a traffic stop but that did not stop a cop from shoving him against his own car, prompting two other cops to jump in and drag him down where they proceeded to punch him as they handcuffed him.

Then, once he was handcuffed with the weight of three cops on top of him, one cops pulls out his pepper spray canister and sprays him in the face.

And after more than three minutes of manhandling and torturing him when they decided to lift him into the police car, one cop asks him, "You're going to fight now?"

But Alfaro was never fighting. And that is clear from the video recorded by a man named Matt Ryner who was live streaming to Facebook early Saturday morning.

According to his brother, Alfaro is still sitting in jail on charges of possession and manufacturing of marijuana, driving with a suspended license and, of course, resisting arrest, which is an obvious lie.

We will update this story as we receive more information but for now, the video speaks for itself. There was no need for the aggression. And there especially was no need to pepper spray him after he was handcuffed and laying flat on his stomach with three cops on top of him.


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