VIDEO: Minnesota Cops Beat Man with Spinal Injury

Nathan Dimoff

Roseville Police Chief said: “Force used by law enforcement is never pretty to look at."

On May, 22, 2018, the Roseville Police Department in Minnesota received multiple 911 calls regarding a possible domestic disturbance.

One caller asked police to remove someone from the property.

When asked if the person needing to be removed would attack officers their response was, “the way he is acting now, probably.”

Another caller claimed to have been assaulted, but when dispatch attempted to get more information the caller hung up.

Multiple officers were dispatched to the scene and were advised that the address was flagged due to how hostile residents have been in the past towards law enforcement officers.

Quickly after arriving, police located the 911 callers, who said that both people involved in the dispute are still inside.

The officers were able to separate the two by taking the male suspect outside. Once outside, an officer attempted to handcuff him until they could determine what happened.

The suspect refused to be cuffed and the officer talking to the female comes outside to assist.

That is where the video begins that was posted on Dalton Johnson's Facebook.

In the three minute video, you can hear multiple people repeatedly tell the officers that the suspect just had surgery due to a spinal injury.

Sixteen seconds into the video, you can see one of the officers punching him 10 times in a row, including on his shoulder blade and spine.

A minute and fifteen seconds into the video the suspect is able to stop moaning in pain enough to tell them himself that he has a spine injury and was unable to place his hands behind his back.

Seconds later, another three officers arrive. One of the officers say that he is on something while trying to cuff him but the lady in the background that is recording disagrees.

"No, he ain't on nothing. He ain't on nothing but you all would want to think that. He's not on anything," the woman states.

Twice, the woman tells the officers to remove their feet off his neck due to his injury. The video ends with her saying she believes that they were trying to kill him.

Roseville Police Chief Rick Mathwig reviewed the reports and video and issued a press release stating:

“Force used by law enforcement is never pretty to look at and Roseville police officers use it judiciously when taking someone into custody. Detailed reports were written by the officers involved in this incident and I previously reviewed them.”

The male was issued a citation for obstructing the legal process while the female involved was cited for disorderly conduct.

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We need to develop and enforce extremely stiff penalties for tyrants who abuse their power. This kind of shit needs to stop! These guys treat people like shit because there are no consequences, so if the government doesnt want to do anything we need to form a large enough community, group and make the changes ourselves.

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Rail Car Fan

Where's legal "Summary Execution" of "Badge Bully Cops" when you need it? Rail Car Fan


All those cops and no body cams.

Cops Gone Rogue