VIDEO: Ohio Cops Sic K-9 on Unarmed Man; Now he's Hospitalized

Ben Keller

Ohio cops sicced a police dog on a driver for refusing to provide his license or get out of the car, hospitalizing him.

Bodycam footage from the incident shows an Ohio Highway Patrol trooper along with three Canton cops requesting 45-year-old Ronald D. Wagner II provide identification and vehicle registration on May 13.

"I’m just traveling as a man right now," Wagner, who was driving with a homemade paper license plate, replies.

"I'm staying inside my vehicle, where my rights are protected by the Fourth Amendment."

Wagner informs the trooper he wouldn't answer any questions.

The trooper repeatedly requests his information.

"I’m just saying I’m not here to make it a bad day or anything like that," the trooper says.

"[If you] don’t provide me [with] things that I ask for so I can conduct my business, it can turn into a bad day, you know what I’m saying

The trooper tells Wagner he only needs to provide a Social Security number or a driver's license.

"It’s OK if you don’t have it," the trooper tells Wagner. I’m not going to ask you to get out of the car."

Wagner argues about Ohio law with the trooper and asks for his badge number.

After almost 15 minutes, police break the windows to his car and release the police dog.

Wagner can be heard screaming as the dog viciously mauls his left arm as the cops standby and watch for several seconds.

Wagner has been hospitalized, and has undergone two surgeries since the incident happened Sunday.

Wagner mistakenly thought a U.S. Supreme Court ruling allowed him to legally drive without a license, which not the case.

The Canton Police department is reviewing the incident for possible excessive force.

"All use of force is reviewed and this particular case will be reviewed," said Captain David Kurzinsky, who declined further comment, citing the department's pending investigation.

A shortened clip of the incident is included above. Watch the full 20-minute bodycam video 20-minute video here. And watch his own video recorded on his smartphone here.

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vegas jack
vegas jack

Never help an injured police officer...EVER!!


Snopes is not exactly a legal authority. But if you are going to drive on public roads, knowing how cops are, it is sensible to have the document they say gives you the privilege to do so. The Constitution. And a driver's license, even if your purpose is not commercial. The dog was a crime. The cops who did this, the handler and his accessories, are criminals.

Cops Gone Rogue