Video Showing Florida Deputies' Rough Arrest of High School Teen Goes Viral

Ben Keller

A video showing to Florida two Florida deputies arresting a high school student has gone viral on Facebook.

A video posted to Facebook October 5 shows to Indian River County deputies roughly arresting a student at Sebastian River High School.

Currently, the video has over 314,000 views.

Malik Morgan, who posted the video after recording it with his cell phone camera, described the incident on Facebook.

> Alright so this what really went down today at Sebastian River High School (Sebastian FL) And for y’all that can’t hear they was telling us stop recording and if they don’t listen stand in front of their cameras so the camera won’t be able to catch what’s going on

The beginning of the video shows the student with two deputies before he is forced to the ground a few seconds later.

Witnesses can be heard saying in the video the student didn't do anything.

Deputies arrested the student after he was involved with another person on campus, according to Sebastian Daily.

It's not clear whether or not that person was a student or not, because the video doesn't show what occurred prior to the arrest.

However, students say deputies told the student to leave and arrested him when he did immediately follow orders.

Footage shows two deputies on top of the teen forcing his head into the ground as a school staff member assists the deputies.

The Indian River County Sheriff's Office did not have a comment in response to whether or not the teen's arrest involved excessive force.

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Clearly excessive. Cops should not be allowed in schools.


Police should be Required to take Mental Health Evaluations. The world would become Safer IMO.

Cops Gone Rogue