Video Shows Man Being Arrested for Leaving Too Slowly From FL Walmart


Video Shows Man Being Arrested for Leaving Too Slowly From Florida Walmart

A Youtube video posted Friday shows a group of young black men getting kicked out of a North Florida Walmart with one of them ending up arrested for leaving too slowly.

The young men were attempting to purchase a bag of Doritos, which is in the basket of the motorized shopping cart one of the men is using, while a female deputy barks at them from behind, ordering them to leave the store, which is in Pensacola.

There does not seem to have been any shoplifting or otherwise illegal activity inside the vastly empty store in the middle of the night, but Walmart workers apparently called the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, perhaps because they did not like the young man using the motorized shopping cart they provide for customers.

After handcuffing the man and leading him outside, his friends plead with the deputy to let him go, saying they had done nothing wrong.

But the deputy begins emptying his pockets and tossing his belongings on the ground, including his phone, which cracked after it struck the sidewalk, according to the man recording.

The friends ask if they can at least take his belongings, but a male deputy wielding a flashlight threatens to arrest them as well.

“This is so racist, this is racist as fuck!” the man with the camera proclaims.
“Yeah, it is, take off!” the male deputy responds.

The video, posted to the Melanoid Nation Youtube channel, included the following description:

The Walmart store called the police on the customers,who were doing nothing wrong,as seen on the video below. The race soldiers showed up and became aggressive with these customers for no apparent reason at all and ordered them to leave the store. When they took to0 long to leave,one of the Black Walmart customers was arrested. It’s not clear what the actual charge was but hopefully there will be some type of legal action taken upon that Walmart store as well as the Pensacola police department for what clearly seems like a violation of human and civil rights.

The young men are then followed to their vehicle as the male deputy stands next to it, seemingly in an attempt to intimidate. The men ask for his name, but the deputy refuses to provide it.

Many took to the comments section to note the difference between this incident and one caught on video of an incident at an Indiana Walmart which went viral last week.

For approximately five minutes, two white women were caught on video brawling in a shampoo aisle with one of the women even telling her six-year-old child to assault the woman she is fighting with. The incident ended without police presence, and the woman with the child was not arrested until after the video had gone viral.

The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office is the same department we just reported on for holding an active shooter drill at a local middle school with youths participating in the chaos.

PINAC is reaching out to the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office for more information on the Walmart incident.


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