Video Shows Washington Cops Executing Fleeing Man

Carlos Miller

Video Shows Washington Cops Executing Fleeing Man.

An erratically acting man in Washington was throwing rocks at cars before he fled from police Tuesday, leading them to firing their guns multiple times, killing him on the spot.

One witness captured some of the incident on a video camera, including the sounds of the gunshots from the Pasco police officers and the reactions from the witnesses, who are saying in Spanish that all the man was doing was throwing rocks, so there was no need to kill him.

But even after he had been shot, the cops were still fear for their lives, so they handcuffed his lifeless body, prompting a witness to yell out, “he’s dead.”

Other witnesses interviewed by the local media also said police went overboard and from their description, police may even have shot the man in the back.

According to the Tri-City Herald:

Witnesses say the man was throwing rocks at cars and acting erratically near the Fiesta Foods grocery store.
Some people at the busy intersection told the Herald the police may have tried to shock the man with a Taser before the confrontation escalated about 5:15 p.m.
“He took off (running). He had his left shoulder to them and that’s when they shot him,” said Ben Patrick, who was in the grocery store parking lot at the time of the shooting.

Police have yet to issue a statement on the incident but they are probably still how they can spin this to their benefit.

But with so many witnesses, it’s going to be hard.

UPDATED: A new video has surfaced, the first one posted below, that shows a much clearer angle of the shooting. It shows that police took several shots at him but missed because he continued fleeing with his hands in the air. It doesn’t appear as if police were making verbal commands nor is it not clear if the man had any rocks in his hands.

But at one point, he stops and turns towards the cops, perhaps as in an attempt to surrender, which was when he was shot.


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