Video Surfaces Capturing Death of Second Innocent Man in UPS Police Shooting

Carlos Miller

The men were recording when the dead man's car crashed into their car.

Most of the news stations that recorded the latest Wild West shoot 'em up act of public safety by South Florida cops have blurred the most important part of the video which shows the UPS driver behind the armed suspect who was shooting at police.

But the family of the UPS driver Frank Ordonez was watching the unedited live stream and clearly saw their loved one killed by police – even though police have yet to admit to shooting him.

And now a video has surfaced capturing a portion of the second victim's death. Rick Cutshaw, a 70-year-old union representative who was two years away from retiring, was probably on his way home from work as many people were during rush hour Thursday in Broward County.

The video was recorded by a frantic son trying to keep his father from being shot. The son was sitting in the passenger seat with his father driving. They were stopped at an intersection as the police pursuit approached with sirens wailing and helicopters flying above.

Speaking in Spanish, they both sounded excited as the pursuit approached them. Both had their phones recording. The video shows more than a dozen people scurrying across the street in the direction of the sirens as if to catch a bus.

At :37 seconds into the video, shots ring out sending the pedestrians running for cover. The driver of the car has his head up recording while his son tells him to keep his head down.

At :47 seconds as shots are still being fired, the father tells his son the man in the car in front of them has been killed. At 1:04, the man's car crashes into his car. The man turned out to be Cutshaw.

At 1:24 minutes into the video – less than 30 seconds after the shots died down – the man gets out of the car against the wishes of his son who begins panicking.

He was trying to get the cops to help Cutshaw. Police eventually covered up Cutshaw's vehicle with a tarp which judging by the video was not even that close to the shooting although it may have rolled across the intersection after he was shot.

More than 200 rounds are believed to have been fired by 19 cops as news helicopters live streamed it all to a shocked audience.

Miami-Dade police which led the firing squad defended their actions by saying the suspects had shot at them first.

But by the sounds of the the video, the suspects managed to get off two shots before police returned fire, using occupied vehicles as shields.

Critics are saying the cops should never approached the truck in the middle of rush hour traffic knowing they had a hostage. They are also saying there was no need to chase the UPS truck with so much manpower considering it had a GPS tracking device.

But police are patting themselves on the back by claiming they more saved lives by killing two innocent people, not that they are admitting to that. That's an "investigation" that can take months.

Anybody familiar with cops in South Florida knows they will rarely bypass a chance to engage in an all-out firing frenzy reminiscent of the final scene of Bonnie and Clyde starring Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway.

That video is posted below along with the crazy video from last year capturing Miami police firing an endless volley of rounds to kill a man with an AK-47, turning what is usually a quiet working class neighborhood into a precarious war zone.

Also below is the 2011 video of Miami Beach police shooting a man named Raymore Herisse 116 times who they claimed was trying to run them over but who was probably passed out at the wheel considering he was more than twice over the legal limit.

Police shot four innocent people in that incident and also threatened to shoot a man for recording before confiscating his phone but they were cleared of any wrongdoing. In 2016, Herisse's mother received an $87,000 settlement.

Meanwhile as Ordonez's family seeks justice by launching a Go Fund Me fundraiser to help with funeral costs and legal fees, some of the cops and their supporters who post on Blue Lives Matter are accusing them of trying to profit from the death of their loved one.​ Their goal was $20,00 but have raised more than ten times that amount which indicates the general public does not see it that way.

If anybody can find the unedited news videos, please post them in the comments section. Also, please keep your eye out for the father's video, the one he risked his life to record.

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some of the cops and their supporters who post on Blue Lives Matter are accusing them of trying to profit from the death of their loved one.​

gee when i post on the blue lies mafia page, i get called a troll or worse. i guess i will just have to go rub there noses in the fact that the pigs MURDERED two people! and claiming the victims family's are getting a GHETTO LOTTERY. FUCK THE POLICE!

i have seen chases where the cops back off once they get a ghetto bird in the sky. then they just track then and surround then with unmarked cars, just waiting for the time to KILL, i mean stop them. it is obvious these fuck tards don't know how to do a chase with a hostage on board!

Cops Gone Rogue