VIDEO: Texas Cop Has Sex During “Citizen Ride Along” While On-Duty

Ben Keller

A Texas cop will get to keep his job after a routine dash cam check revealed he had sex while on-duty

With a woman participating in the Pasadena Police Department’s Citizen Ride-Along Program.

Pasadena Police say the routine patrol turned into an impromptu amateur pornographic film while the officer was on-duty, “riding along” with a woman who aspired to become a police officer.

Passadena officer Jeff Mubarak pulled over to a secluded area where the young woman is seen in the passenger seat rubbing his shoulders.

A few seconds later, they embrace and kiss.

That’s when the woman disappears from the video-frame, and Mubarak can be heard having sex with the woman.

It happened while he was being paid tax dollars to protect and serve in last August.

The incident video became a public record.

After discovering Officer Mubarak’s on-duty behavior, the department suspended him for 30-days and he was allowed to return to work.

Mubarak accepted his suspension without appeal, and later became romantically involved with the woman.

“The portion of that video would be highly intimate or embarrassing,” said John Nixon, a former-cop-turned-attorney, who defended the Texas Attorney General’s decision to redact the video protect the dignity of Mubarak and his ride-along even though it’s a public record, saying that “the publication of which would be highly objectionable to a reasonable person and of no legitimate public concern.”

“It’s going to diminish his [Officer Mubarak’s] credibility as an officer for the remainder of his tenure as an officer.”

“There is no deleting it, no expunging it, it’s in the public record.” said Nixon, “People hold police officers to a higher standard higher stand for a reason, it’s because they have the power to take away people’s liberty.”

The redacted video was 23 minutes long, which means Mubarak was out-of-pocket for at least that long, apparently unavailable to respond to emergency calls.

Vance Mitchell, a spokesman for the Pasadena PD stated members of the public have the opportunity to ride in a patrol car with cops in order to see how they conduct business on a daily basis.

“We regularly spot check the cameras and see if there is anything questionable in the way officers perform their duty, and that’s how we discovered the video,” Mitchell said.

And that’s what led to Officer Mubarak’s 30-day suspension without pay.

“The Pasadena Police Department takes very seriously its obligation to maintain the trust of our community by not engaging in any actions that would besmirch the reputation of the Pasadena Police Department or, in anyway, diminish our reputation with the community. Clearly, this is a case that fell well outside the parameters of expected conduct and behavior. And for his actions, Officer Mubarak has received significant discipline,” said Police Chief Michael Thaler in a statement.

Due to Mubarak’s behavior, the ride-along program was put on hold.

In a telephone conversation with PINAC, Public Information Officer Vance Mitchell said the program was recently reinstated, but that the department reworked its policy and now officers have to submit written requests to their Lieutenants for approval.

It also states ride-alongs cannot be family members or friends.

The video seen below was obtained by Chicago’s Eye Witness News via a FOIA request after the station learned Mubarak had been suspended for having sex while on-duty.

Houston attorney Pat McCann saw the video can commented on the matter.

“This is simply foolish and amusing and embarrassing,” he said.


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