Viral Video of Texas Cop Tasing Senior Citizen Sparks Fake News Report

Carlos Miller

Viral Video of Texas Cop Tasing Senior Citizen Sparks Fake News Report

A Youtube channel that sprang out of nowhere is claiming to have an “EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW” with a 23-year-old Texas cop who apparently was in fear for his safety when he tased a 76-year-old man last week.

The incident was captured on Nathanial Robinson’s dash cam, a video which went viral, leading to the Victoria Police Department to suspend the officer who graduated from the academy two years ago.

But now a Youtube channel called Radio Underland has posted a video – the only video on its channel – insisting that Robinson specifically sought them out to tell his side of the story.

I call bullshit.

Besides the obvious signs, a PINAC correspondent who lives in the area spoke to people who know Robinson, who in turn asked more people who know him.

They all said it was not him.

The truth is, Robinson is not speaking to anybody. Not even his friends about this incident.

In fact, our sources say he is not even getting the support of fellow officers, who mock him for tasing an old man.

So even if he does emerge from this incident with a job, he will never live this one down in the eyes of his peers.

The truth is, Victoria Police Chief J.J. Craig is not happy at all with this incident. He already publicly apologized and he is privately fuming, realizing he will most likely get sued.

The Radio Underland video has 5,725 views at the moment with 83 thumbs up and 40 thumbs down, indicating that two out of every three people believe anything they hear.

In this era of New Media where anybody can launch a news site, it is important to remain skeptical until you trust the source.

Unless, of course, all you really care about is passing along information you wish to be true without caring if it were really true.

The top video below shows the original dash cam. The bottom video is the fake news report.

We welcome Radio Underland to provide a statement in the comments section.


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