Virginia Cops Handcuff Man Legally Open Carrying, Overlook Gun in Wais

Carlos Miller

You may remember Roy Leeshun Williams as the man who sat in his car last year, eating oatmeal

While a cop banged on his window, demanding to see his identification.

The Virginia man even went as far as telling the cop he was armed with “dozens” of weapons while still refusing to provide his identification, arguing that the Richmond police officer did not have a reasonable suspicion he had committed a crime.

He ignored the cop, he challenged the cop and he mocked the cop, and he still managed to avoid detainment without having to show his identification.

Fast forward to last weekend when Williams – a licensed security guard – pulled into his sister’s apartment complex after spending some time at the gun range, only to be told by a security guard he was not allowed to enter with his guns.

Williams entered the complex anyway, knowing the security guard had no authority to ban him. After all, not only does he possess a concealed weapons permit, but Virginia is an open carry state, legally allowing him to enter the property with his AR-15 and Sig Sauer strapped to his body.

But the security guard called police and, of course, they responded in masses.

“I looked out the window and I saw 50 police officers,” he said in an interview with Photography is Not a Crime. “I thought they were there for somebody else.”

Nevertheless, he figured it was time to leave, so he stepped out his sister’s apartment and made his way towards the elevator with his phone recording, expecting police to question him.

As the elevator door opened, the cops entered the floor and gave him the old fearing for their lives routine, telling him to “keep your hands up for me.”

Williams stepped into the elevator, but a Richmond police officer ran up and held the door open with one hand, keeping his other hand on his gun, telling him, “we need you to step out.”

Williams refused, knowing he had not broken any law.

“In the age of active shooters and everything else,” another cop told him, “you’re carrying an assault rifle around.”

“It’s not an assault rifle,” Williams responded, still remaining in the elevator as the first officer kept his hand on it, preventing it from closing.

The cops kept telling him they wanted to “talk” with him, but he said he didn’t want to talk with them, that he just wanted to be on his way.

“I”m not going to talk to nobody,” Williams said. “Fuck all you all.”

That was when they stepped into the elevator and handcuffed him, stripping both guns from him and walking him outside.

He passed the phone to his cousin who kept recording as they kept him handcuffed and detained by their patrol cars for more than 30 minutes, live streaming the video where it was sent to a local television reporter named Curt Autry, who praised the cops detaining him – even though the law allows citizens to open carry in Virginia.

When they finally acknowledged that he had broken no laws, they removed the handcuffs and were about to hand him back his guns.

That was when he lifted his shirt to reveal a third gun they had missed, a Glock .40 caliber tucked in his waistband.

“They forgot this one,” he said after ensuring he was free to go.

You can see that moment in the first video below. The second video captures the detainment in the elevator and the third video captures the moment when he is in handcuffs and asks why he is being detained, only to receive an evasive answer.

And finally, the fourth video captures the 37 minute detainment by their patrol cars when he continually mocks them.


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