Virginia Police Arrest Woman for Asking Simple Question

Carlos Miller

A man who walked his dog on a Virginia beach ended up arrested along

With a woman who asked why he was being arrested by Virginia police.

The whole thing was caught on video by a bystander recording in the vertical mode, who surprisingly did not get arrested considering how touchy these Norfolk PD officers seem to be.

The incident took place on Mother’s Day, so perhaps the cops were upset of having to work that day and figured they might as well ruin everybody else’s day.

Not a whole lot of information is available on this incident, but the video was posted Monday with the following description:

Here’s another example of how our improperly trained and ego driven police force wastes tax dollars. Hours were spent detaining and arresting these people because the gentleman had his dog on the rocks (no signs posted against it) and the lady asked for an explanation. The officers didn’t even read the suspects their rights.

As one commenter pointed out, police are not required to read a person their rights upon arrest.

That is just a myth perpetuated by television cop shows.

Police are only required to read a person’s Miranda Rights before they interrogate a suspect, if they would like to preserve those statements as evidence to be used in court.

Otherwise, anything you say cannot be held against you in court.

The woman had walked up to the scene where the man was sitting on the beach with his dog being questioned by a male and female cop. She asked them if he was free to go or being detained.

The male cop told her it was none of her business, so she directed her statements at the man with the dog, suggesting he ask the cops if he was being detained or not.

That was when the female cop moved in to arrest her, telling her she was being arrested for obstruction.

Below is an explanation from a Virginia lawyer as to what exactly constitutes obstruction in Virginia, which makes the arrest seem like overkill considering all she was doing was asking a simple question.

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