Washington Cops Shoot and Kill Family Dog while Searching for Teen Truant

Nathan Dimoff

A teen skipped school resulting in police killing his dog.

Cops from two Washington law enforcement agencies killed a family dog while attempting to arrest an 18-year-old man for skipping school when he was a juvenile.

Lupita Cardenas uploaded a picture of their family dog, Jasmine, bleeding and a video of her son getting arrested to Facebook Wednesday.

She said officers from both the Kennewick Police Department and Benton County Sheriff's Office arrived at her home with a bench warrant for her son because he had skipped school when he was a juvenile and did not follow the proper procedures in dealing with the school or court to resolve the issue.

Cardenas stated in her multiple posts that she advised the officers that the dog was harmless but the officers were unwilling to accept her word.

One of the Facebook posts read:

"Today my sons dog got shot by the kennewick,West richland and sheriff department they came looking for my son for a warrant of not going to school wtf and the dog was doing nothing I told them not to shoot the dog doesn’t bite and they went ahead and shot him even having a taser and guns to my son"

Cardenas set up a Facebook fundraiser to cover the vet bill, but was only able to raise $260 of the near $3000 needed to keep the dog alive. Since they were unable to raise enough, the family had to put the dog down.

At the moment of this writing, neither Benton County Sheriff's Office nor Kennewick Police Department has released a statement.

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Cops kill about 650,000 dogs each year. Cops kill dogs dead.

Cops Gone Rogue