WATCH: 19-year-old Texas Woman Injured by Off-Duty Cop who Attacked her

A Texas police officer is in hot water after a controversial off-duty arrest that injured a 19-year-old college student.

Nacogdoches police officer Josh Anders was moonlighting as a security guard on Wednesday April 19 after dispatchers received reports of ongoing criminal activity at an apartment complex near Cardinal Street, police say.

Anders responded to the calls and approached a group of young women in the parking lot then requested assistance from on-duty officers, when several off the women refused his orders not to leave.

Meanwhile, Anders claims he was conducting a trespassing investigation, Nacogdoches Police said on their Facebook page, even though he was off-duty.

Anders conducted a trespassing investigation while off-duty.

Events unfold, as the video shows, and Anders eventually stated two of the women at the scene resisted arrest.

Anders sought medical attention for minor injuries after the incident, according to the police report.

One suspect was free to leave, but 19-year-old Lindsey Ogbonna was arrested and currently faces charges of resisting arrest.

A criminal investigation is now underway into the alleged assault on the officers.

However, an attorney representing the women said in a statement that Anders identified himself as a security guard, not a cop, and wore plaid shorts and and orange T-shirt.

"Witnesses to the incident questioned his true identity," attorney Kim Cole said.

Several bikini clad black female students were returning from a pool party and were gathered in the parking lot when the officer approached, demanding who they were and why they were on the property, Cole said.

When the young women begin to leave the area, Anders demanded they stay or be charged with evading arrest.

Video shows the women continuing to walk away.

That's when Anders gets in the patrol car and drives closer to the group with his lights flashing, apparently pursuing the woman furthest from him.

Anders then exits the vehicle, "ripped the wig off her head, tor e the T-shirt from her body, put her in a headlock and slammed her to the ground," the statement said.

Video footage above also supports the statement.

A pair of other women attempt to free her while asking who Anders actually was and for him to let of their friend, according to the statement.

Officer Anders let go of that women then slammed Ogbonna to the ground, forcing her knee into her pelvis and exposing her breasts.

Anders then locks Ogbonna in a wrestling hold, the video shows.

As a result, Ogbonna suffered numerous injuries from the arrest and was accused of assault on a public servant, to make matters worse, the statement said.

"Neither of the brutalized young ladies had any clue whatsoever that this belligerent vicious brute was even a police officer."

Ogbanna is a sophomore student at Stephen F. Austin State University, according to the Star-Telegram.

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I've never known a cop working off duty to identify as a ~security guard~. That element aside, a commissioned peace officer is commissioned 24/7. They do have broad authority when they are not working a shift.


Another Douche Bag Cop who crossed the line and should be held accountable for being a Public Safety Threat!


You can resist an unlawful arrest and that can go as far as taking the arresting officers life