WATCH: 2nd Video Surfaces Showing George Floyd Pleading: "Please let me Stand"

Photo of George Floyd via Shaun King's Instagram page.

Carlos Miller

The new video shows all four cops who ended up fired.

Without a shred of compassion, three Minneapolis cops piled on George Floyd as he begged for his life while a fourth cop stood near them, appearing to have a casual conversation with the other officers.

"Please let me stand," Floyd pleads in a hoarse voice, moaning in pain as the other cops ignore him while remaining firmly on top of him.

The new video is recorded by a witness from the rear before the crowd of other witnesses gathered on the sidewalk to record the initial video. It's only 17 seconds and begins with the three cops on top of him, including the one with his knee on his neck.

A cop holding Floyd's ankles turns to the person with the camera and orders them to the sidewalk. The video then turns off as Floyd continues yelling in pain.

As more information about Floyd comes in, we are learning he was a security guard at a local restaurant where he was known as a gentle soul with a friendly demeanor.

According to MPR News:

Floyd, who also went by his middle name, Perry, was a native of Texas, according to relatives, and lived in St. Louis Park.

The 46-year-old was employed as a security guard at Conga Latin Bistro in Minneapolis where his employer criticized the way he died.

Owner Jovanni Thunstrom posted a tribute to Floyd online Tuesday, who he called his “really good friend.”

“We live in a society of law and order, police are supposed to serve and protect, I didn't see none of this,” Thunstrom wrote.

“My employee George Floyd was murdered by a police officer that had no compassion, used his position to commit a murder of someone that was begging for his life.”

Thunstrom posted that he’d like to write more about Floyd, but his vision was too blurry from his tears.

The killing of Floyd has sparked protests in Minneapolis. All four cops have been fired but not charged. Their names have not been released but the cop who had his knee on Floyd's neck is Derek Chauvin and the cop standing above them has been identified as Tao Thao.

Watch the new video below.

UPDATE: Another video has surfaced showing George Floyd was not resisting when he was first arrested.

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