Watch 4 Videos from Muskogee Police Pepper Spraying 84-year-old Woman

Carlos Miller

Watch Four Unedited Videos from Muskogee Police Pepper Spraying 84-year-old Woman.

Although the Oklahoma media has had the four unedited police videos from the night cops pepper sprayed an 84-year-old woman, they have yet to post the videos in their entirety, showing us only short clips edited into their news packages.

But thanks to PINAC’s Investigative Researcher Felipe Hemming, we obtained the videos the same afternoon he asked for them.

We’ve posted them below before we even have had the chance to view them because you never know what you will find.Let us know if anything sticks out for you.

It was earlier today when the local media reported that one of the cops told another that “we can spin it” in the moments after they pepper sprayed Geneva Smith.

The media said it did not hear that part until now. But they only posted a few seconds from that conversation.

The two cops were discussing how were they going to justify not only pepper spraying the elderly woman who was no threat to them, but kicking her door down and entering her home without a warrant to arrest her son for running a stop sign.

The fact that the Muskogee Police Department released all the videos within weeks made it much more difficult to spin the truth.

Otherwise, it could have been another “she tried to grab my gun, so I had to tase her” excuses.

Today is Felipe Hemmings’ birthday, so wish him well. He does a lot for us. Donate here to help us continue obtaining these records.


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