WATCH: Alabama Cop Drops Woman on Face after she enters Walmart sans Face Mask

Carlos Miller

The Birmingham police officer is under investigation for the incident that took place Tuesday inside a Walmart.

An off-duty Birmingham police officer working security for an Alabama Walmart was caught on video body slamming a woman after she entered a Walmart without a face mask.

The cop whose name has not been released is now under investigation by his own department.

The video was first posted today on TMZ which reported the following:

An off-duty Birmingham, AL cop working security at a Walmart is under investigation after body-slamming a customer for allegedly refusing to wear a face mask.

The incident went down Tuesday, and the video starts with the security guard struggling to detain the woman. Moments later eventually he lifted her from under her legs and slammed her to the ground.

A nearby woman, also not wearing a face covering, was pissed and shouted at the security guard for slamming her friend's head on the ground.

The video, posted online, prompted Birmingham PD to launch an investigation into the use of force.

For what it's worth ... Alabama's stay-at-home order only recommends -- not requires -- residents to wear face coverings while out in public.

A Birmingham PD spokesman said, "Our records indicate we have not issued any citations or made arrests as it relates to the shelter in place ordinance or the face covering ordinance. We have made a valiant effort to gain voluntary compliance and we will continue to work cohesively with the community."

The woman whose name has not been released was slapped with several charges, including disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, third-degree criminal trespassing, possession of marijuana and unlawful possession of a controlled substance.

Police say she entered the store without a face mask, then began arguing with an employee who insisted she needed to wear a mask which is when the cop got involved.

According to

Birmingham police spokesman Sgt. Rod Mauldin said the reason for the officer’s contact with the woman was for disorderly contact and not just the mere violation of an ordinance requiring face coverings. “We understand we’re operating in trying times,’’ Mauldin said in a video statement. “The Birmingham Police Department has maintained a consistent, community-oriented educational approach to the surrounding circumstances of COVID-19.”

No one has been arrested or issued a citation for violating the mask or Birmingham’s stay-at-home ordinance.

Mauldin said Tuesday’s incident began when the officer, who was working an extra security job for Walmart, heard the woman yelling obscenities toward customers and employees. “The female continued and was asked to leave the store. However, she refused,’’ Mauldin said. “The officer began to detain her, however she continued to resist. The officer used a takedown measure to gain control due to the other threat factors in the store.”

The woman was not injured, and she refused medical evaluation, Mauldin said.

Below is the video of the incident along with the video statement from the police spokesperson.

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The video was removed so I can't see what happened.


"Disorderly conduct" = contempt of cop.
"She was told to leave, then she was detained". How does that make ANY f*cking sense?


why does it take a video going on-line before the piggies launch an investigation for excessive force? don't they know that there is cameras EVERYWHERE! we already know they don't know how to DE-ESCALATE shit.

it is safe to say this rocket surgeon wont be working a second job at Walmart!


Swine gotta swine. If he's not blatantly violating someone's constitutional rights, what's the point of him? It's not like he has the skills to de-escalate a conflict instead of wading into the middle of it and getting physical. It's not like he knows that he swore an oath to the Constitution, or what that even implies for his enforcement of arbitrary edicts.

Cops Gone Rogue